[Akatsuki Co., Ltd.] “August’s Cinderella Nine” Up to 89 + 1 times of Gacha Free Yatsuka Festival is being held! New characters produced by Masahiro Tanaka will also appear!

Akatsuki Co., Ltd. “August Cinderella Nine” Up to 89 + 1 times of Gacha Free Yatsuka Festival is being held! New characters produced by Masahiro Tanaka will also appear! The iOS / Android app “August’s Cinderella Nine” (abbreviation: Hachinai), which is being popularly distributed by Akatsuki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Motoki Shioda, “Akatsuki”) We are pleased to announce that a new character produced by Masahiro Tanaka who has produced the design will appear in the “Yatsukasai” campaign. In addition, during the period, you can challenge gacha up to 89 + 1 times for free.

[Image 13

Special site for Yatsuka Festival → https://hachinai.com/hakkasai2019/

■ Characters produced by Masahiro Tanaka who have produced designs!

The new American character “Amelia Sanders” will appear in the episode released today. Players are going to play against an American women’s baseball team … Please enjoy the incandescent story in the game! [Image 2

(▲ Amelia Sanders) [Image 3

(▲ Login conversation play)

■ Hachinai summer has come!

? Maximum 89 + 1 times gacha free? 89 Nine Stars present To commemorate the Yatsuka Festival, up to 89 + 1 gachas can be challenged for free during the period. In addition, 89 Nine Stars (about 17 gachas) will be given as a login. [Image 4

Up to 89 + 1 times Gacha Free Period: August 9 to September 2 (planned) [Image 5

89 Nine Stars distribution period (only once during the period): August 9-September 2 (planned)

■ Game renewal! Hachinai’s game production is easier to understand

more detailed, and easier! The tactics are now easier to understand, so please enjoy playing the game. [Image 6

[Image 7

■ 89 hours only! SSR 3 times probability Princess Scout is being held!

Hachinai’s first ever SSR emission rate is 3 times higher than usual! Don’t miss out because it’s a 89-hour scout! [Image 8

Period: August 9 to August 12 (planned)

■ Limited to 2 times! Get Reinforced Materials with Crystal Bear Max Paid Scout!

There is also a gacha where you can get a “Crystal Bear Max” reinforcement material for every 10 consecutive gachas! Crystal Bear Max is a valuable item that can strengthen players. This item is usually hard to get, so please take this chance. [Image 9

Period: August 9-September 2 (planned) * Limited to 2 times for paid Nine Star only.

■ Nine Star Discount Sale!

Eight summer festival limited time! Nine Star Discount Sale is being held. [Image 10

Nine Star Discount Sale Period: August 9-September 2 (planned)

■ Vs new student scouts & events now being held!

Seniors and freshmen are in a head-to-head game! At the event “Enthusiasm to confront”, you can enjoy the story of the baseball club that is getting motivated towards the US game. [Image 11

[Image 12

Scout period: August 9 to August 19 (planned) Event period: August 9 to August 19 (planned)

■ Special site for Yatsuka Festival

is now available On the special site of Yatsukasai, we are holding the latest information on Hachinai and Twitter campaign! [Image 13

Special site for Yatsuka Festival → https://hachinai.com/hakkasai2019/

■ What is “Cinderella Nine in August”?

This is a “baseball-type youth experience game” with the theme of “youth x high school girls x high school baseball”. Players follow the dream of “Koshien” while teaching and training attractive female characters as classmates. In this work, it will be possible to cultivate players to their liking through various activities of the baseball club, but solving the troubles and conflicts that the heroines sometimes have is a trick to promote growth as a player It is characterized by a deeper and richer experience of the inside of the heroine than ever, by closely linking the theme of “youth” and the game system. [Table 3:

■ Akatsuki Co., Ltd.

Company Profile Akatsuki’s vision is “A Heart Driven World.”, Where the activities that the heart seeks drive the happiness of everyone.
Centered on the mobile game business and the live experience business that delivers realistic experiences, we are expanding entertainment globally that brings emotion, emotion and connection.
We believe that the things that we made while excitement will move someone’s heart and color each person’s life richly, so we will continue to illuminate the world in a colorful way.

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000242.000019676.html https://prtimes.jp

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