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Asmark Inc. What ingredients are taken consciously? -Questionnaire survey on food and beauty ingredients- “Food fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria” are the top ingredients to consciously ingest. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Marketing research company Asmark Co., Ltd. (formerly Marsh Co., Ltd.) (Higashi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shoichi Machida) conducted a “questionnaire survey on food and beauty ingredients” for women in their 20s and 60s nationwide. The results were released on August 7. * The survey date is from May 21 (Tue) to May 23 (Thu), 2019. 【 Investigation result 】 “Food fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria” are the top ingredients Consume ingredients almost daily. Increasing frequency with age Ingredients that can be expected to have an intestinal effect are easy to realize The ideal form of ingestion is overwhelmingly many “food ingredients such as vegetables and fruits” Many people expect “calcium” as an ingredient from food
■ “Food fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria” are the top ingredients Many people take consciously of “dietary fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria” at any age. It is thought that there are many people who expect an intestinal regulating effect. There was a tendency for the components to be conscious to increase as the age increased, and among them, “Calcium” was markedly higher in the 60s than in other ages. Q. Please select all the ingredients that you normally take consciously from the following. (Multiple selections possible) [Image 1

Ingredients taken consciously
■ Intake ingredients almost every day Ingredients taken are taken almost every day, indicating that they are consciously taking it. Among them, dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, and isoflavones are prominent, and are recognized as ingredients with a strong consciousness that they must be taken regularly. Looking at the frequency of intake by age, it tends to increase as the age increases, and awareness and behavior are linked. Q. How often do you take the following ingredients? (Select one for each) [Image 2

Frequency of taking ingredients
■ It is easy to feel the ingredients that can be expected to have an “intestinal effect” Among the ingredients that are consciously taken by many people, many responded that they had felt the effects of “dietary fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria”. It can be seen that there are many people who have purchased the anti-intestinal effect and feel the effect. This may be the manifestation of many people having troubles around the intestines such as constipation. By age group, the percentage of middle-aged and older people who feel the effects of almost all ingredients is higher than that of young people. In particular, it can be seen that there is a large difference in actual feeling between the ages of “isoflavone” and “collagen”. It is thought that there is an age difference in the actual feeling of effect due to the difference in the depth of worries and symptoms. Q. Have you ever felt that taking the following ingredients is effective? (Select one for each) [Image 3

Existence of effect of ingredients
■ Many people have improved constipation with dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria Regarding the episodes that realized the effects of the ingredients, many voiced that constipation was resolved with “dietary fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria”. In addition, many people said that after taking “Vitamin C” and “Collagen”, their skin condition improved. I can see why many people are taking it. Q. Please tell us specifically about the episode you felt the effect. (Free answer) Actual answers (partial excerpts) * n = Persons who have experienced the effects of each component “By taking a lot of dietary fiber, I got full stomach quickly and had a diet effect” (20s) “Because I take dietary fiber, my stomach is refreshed every day” (30’s) “When I squeezed the lemon and swallowed it with carbonated water, I got rid of the stomatitis and my skin was better. The dietary fiber is like eating vegetables and my stomach is in good condition.” (30s) “As a result of taking calcium consciously, I felt an effect when the bone density exceeded 120%. Dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria felt an effect when the bowel movement was good.” (40s) “Vitamin C brightened with dullness on the face. Dietary fiber was effective in relieving constipation.” (40s) “I took collagen supplements and my skin became fluffy. I started taking dietary fiber from my diet and improved bowel movements.” (50s) “Collagen etc. feels effective when the skin condition of the next day is ingested or when the dryness is relieved. Dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria feel effective when bowel movements are good. (50s) “When I ingest a lot of polyphenols, my eyes get better” (60s) “When I got hay fever, I took a lactic acid bacteria supplement and it became lighter.

■ The ideal form of ingredient intake is overwhelmingly “food ingredients such as vegetables and fruits” About 90% of people want to ingest ingredients from “food and other ingredients themselves”. Many people think that it is best to be able to take “naturally” in their daily lives. In addition, the 30s are more active in taking ingredients than other ages, suggesting that they are generations that have increased awareness of beauty and health. The 60s have a negative impression of dietary supplements compared to other ages. Q. In what form do you want to take the ingredients you want to take actively? Please choose all the forms you want to take with or without actual products. (Multiple selections possible) [Image 4

The form you want to take each ingredient
■ There are many people who expect “calcium” as an ingredient in food There were many people who were expecting “calcium” rather than “dietary fiber” and “lactic acid bacteria”, which are easy to realize the effect of the ingredients taken for health. Some people took TV and word-of-mouth information, etc., expecting the effects they had heard. Q. Please let me know if there are any foods that you are taking consciously for your health. (Free answer) Actual answers (partial excerpts) * n = whole “I drink milk every morning. I feel like my stomach is in good condition. After that, I always make miso soup for dinner.” (20s) “I take milk and yogurt every day to prevent calcium deficiency.” (20s) “Yogurt, convincing, miso, kimchi, and other fermented foods. It ’s said that it ’s good for your skin when you hear better.” (30’s) “In order to prepare the intestinal environment, dietary fiber → banana, lactic acid bacteria → yogurt is taken.” (30’s) “Eat small fish for a snack to get calcium. Fruits and yogurt in the morning to keep the stomach up.” (40s) “I drink milk every day to get calcium. I take dietary fiber with vegetables such as lettuce and sweet potato. Lactic acid bacteria are taken from lactic acid bacteria beverages and yogurt.” (40s) “I watched on TV that it has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol, so I drink one cup of linseed oil in tomato juice every day” (50s) “For coconuts and beauty, cacao 70% chocolate, nuts and dried fruits” (50s) “I eat high cacao chocolate to get polyphenols” (50s) “R-1 yogurt drink type. Improving immunity to the extent that I’d like to be able to do it. I just need calcium.” (60s) “Soy foods and vegetables that are high in isoflavones to obtain calcium.” (60s) [Click here for all survey results] www.asmarq.co.jp/examine/ex201908ingredient.html * On the above page, you can download data including simple reports and summary tables for free. 【 investigation 】 ・ Basic attributes (gender, age, place of residence, marital status, occupation) ・ Ingredients usually taken with consciousness (MA) ・ Form to take each ingredient (SA) ・ Frequency of taking each ingredient (SA) ・ Actual presence / absence of effect of each component (SA) ・ Episode that felt effect (FA) ・ Reliability (SA) of the effect of the product with each component ・ Intention to take each ingredient in the future (SA) ・ The form you want to take each ingredient (MA) ・ Food consciously taken for health (FA) ・ Conscious ingredients (FA) that are consciously confirmed [Survey Overview] Survey name: Questionnaire survey on food and beauty ingredients Survey target: Women in their 20s and 60s nationwide Valid answers: 500ss Allocation: Equal generation (corrected to Japan’s population composition by weightback aggregation) * From Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, published in October 2018 Survey period: May 21 (Tue), 2019-May 23 (Thu), 2019 Survey method: Internet survey Research organization: Asmark Corporation (formerly Marsh Corporation)

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