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S’YTE x Junji ITO Collaboration August 14th 12:00 web store “THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO” started

Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. S’YTE x Junji ITO Collaboration August 14th 12:00 web store “THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO” Special collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto’s EC site limited brand “S’YTE” and Japan ’s leading horror cartoonist “Junji Ito” ……………………………………………………………………………………………

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Art works: (C) Junji ITO / Shogakukan Yohji Yamamoto’s official EC site limited brand “S’YTE” inherits “cutting” and “silhouette” that are unique to Yohji Yamamoto, focusing on high-quality cut-and-sew sticking to the quality of “Made in JAPAN” However, we will propose a more familiar real close. This time, a special collaboration between “S’YTE” and Japan ’s leading horror cartoonist “Junji Ito” was realized. A collaboration item with a high affinity between “Horror”, one of the core concepts of “S’YTE” graphic elements, and “Junji Ito”, who has many enthusiastic fans overseas, was released on August 14th ( Wed) Starts development at 12:00 on Yohji Yamamoto EC site “THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO” [Top photo 1st design]
Coat worn by Kiri-e (Yoyama Yamamoto 19-20AW Look16, C04-101): The heel looks like a straight co-fabric stall, and the sleeve is a straight draped sleeve with a different left and right size, left sleeve Impressive modeling coat with hand motif on the neck and back neck. A gather is inserted in the waist part of the back body, and a form with a volume under the back waist is completed. A symbolic piece in the AW19 collection, a dynamic coat design that Ito's artwork feels, beautiful paulownia paintings, black and white expressions, and a quiet, beautiful and eerie force It is.
[Photo 2nd design]
A coat worn by thistle (Yojiyamamoto 19-20AW C06-100): A reversible design with the back side worn in the collection. Azami is also worn face down like a collection. This is a coat that creates a sense of unevenness on the front side by punching a dolphin sleeve with a punched trench coat and smashing it with a rounded cloth on the back side, leaving behind the cloth. Accidental shapes such as overlapping of the back cover and sagging create fun that cannot be calculated. A gray tape sewn on the back of the coat that incorporates the custom of “back protection” that was common in Japan from the Edo period to the Showa period is also drawn in a spiral line on Mr. Ito's artwork. The
■ Deployment items and prices: Type 2 (short-sleeved) Uzumaki Kiri-e, Uzumaki Azami, drawn black / white ¥ 6,600 (excluding tax) Type 2 (long sleeve) Uzumaki Kiri-e, Comic frame black, ¥ 7,700 (excluding tax), , Uzumaki Azami, Comic frame-excluded black ¥ 7,700 (excluding tax) Type 1 uzumaki paulownia picture, thistle double-sided print 7,800 yen Black transparent 7,800 yen (excluding tax)
■ Size: T-shirt: S, M, L
■ Development period and stores: Yohji Yamamoto EC site from 12:00 on Wednesday, August 14 Start deployment at “THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO” (theshopyohjiyamamoto.jp)
■ Customer Inquiries: Yohji Yamamoto Press Room TEL: 03-5463-1500 About Junji Ito
[Junji Ito Profile]
Born July 31, 1963 in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he entered a dental technician’s school and got a job. . In 1986, he won a fine work for his contribution “Tomi”. This work will be a debut work. Started “Uzumaki” series in 1998 at “Big Comic Spirits” (Shogakukan). After that, he continues to present unique works such as “Gyo” and “Kakudan”.
[“Uzumaki” work introduction]
Suddenly, one day suddenly happened in the town of Kurojuku, where the high school girl Kirie Goto was born and raised. The sparrow wind flies, the branches and leaves of the plants wrap around, the smoke in the crematorium swirls up … and humans begin to sprinkle. Hair swirls. The body is twisted. Turn into a snail … Kirie tries to escape from town to save the curse of Uzumaki! ? The classic masterpiece of horror comics, foreseeing today’s disparity society with a sense of blockage, is the representative work of mysterious cartoonist Junji Ito. Japanese notation (C) Junji Ito / Shogakukan European notation (C) Junji ITO / Shogakukan Abbreviated form (C) J.I / S

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