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  • [Japan Committee for UNICEF] Mali Crisis: Severe Violence against Children Rapidly Raises More Than 150 Children in the First Half of This Year

[Japan Committee for UNICEF] Mali Crisis: Severe Violence against Children Rapidly Raises More Than 150 Children in the First Half of This Year

Japan UNICEF Association Mali Crisis: Severe Violence Against Children-More than 150 Children Killed in the First Half of This Year [Press Release] UNICEF is a warning bell …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Aminata was shot at the foot when the village she lived in March was attacked. (June 2019) (C) UNICEF_UN0332639_Rose [August 13, 2019, Bamako (Mali), Dakar (Senegal), New York] UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and partner organizations involved in child protection today warned that serious violence against children, especially those killed or seriously injured, increased rapidly in 2019. Sounded. According to preliminary data from the United Nations, more than 150 children were killed in the first half of 2019, and 75 more were injured by violent attacks. The use of children by armed groups or the actual use of children as soldiers has doubled compared to the same period in 2018. And over 900 schools remain closed for safety reasons. “As violence prevails in Mali, more children are exposed to the risk of death, serious injury, or the risk of being used by armed groups,” says Henrietta Fore, Secretary General of UNICEF It is. “We must not accept the suffering of these children as a new normal. All parties will stop violence against children in accordance with international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Every effort must be made to protect children in a state of good health: children should go to school and play with friends, be attacked or forced to participate in combat. You should not worry. ” In northern and central parts of Mali, serious violence has soared and the need for child protection is very high. In central Mopti province, violence among communities has increased and the presence of armed groups has increased, with repeated attacks. As a result, children were killed, seriously injured, forced to evacuate, separated from their families, and suffered from sexual violence and traumatic trauma. . In Mali, it is estimated that over 377,000 children need protection. [Image 2

Children fled from the village of Mopti who were attacked by armed groups. (March 2019) (C) UNICEF_UN0315429_ UNICEF, together with local authorities and partners, provides medical and psychosocial care to children involved in conflict. Provides support for children who have been victims of violence, including sexual violence, as well as helping to free children from armed groups, returning them to the community and reuniting with distant families . In 2019, UNICEF aims to provide psychosocial support to more than 92,000 children affected by the conflict. “The protection needs of the most vulnerable children in Mali are immeasurable,” stresses Lucia Hermi, representative of UNICEF Mali. “UNICEF and its partners need more support to provide essential services for children in need of protection.” The crisis in Mali is one of the world’s shortest funds needed for assistance. UNICEF’s emergency assistance program for the protection of children in Mali between 2016 and 2018 received only 26% of the funds required. In 2019, UNICEF needs US $ 4 million to fund the protection of children to meet the needs of children and women in Mali. UNICEF, along with the Government of Mali, the United Nations organization, humanitarian organizations, and those involved in child protection, continues to work in Mali to protect and provide the necessary support for children affected by conflict. The * * *
■ About UNICEF UNICEF is a United Nations agency that works to promote the rights and healthy growth of all children. Currently, in 190 countries and regions *, we are cooperating with many partners and moving their philosophy into concrete actions in various ways. In particular, we work for all children everywhere in the world, with an emphasis on helping the most difficult children. (Www.unicef.org) * Includes 34 countries and regions where UNICEF National Committee (UNICEF Association) operates. * All UNICEF funds are supported by donations from individuals, companies and organizations, and voluntary contributions from governments in each country.
■ About Japan UNICEF Association The Japan Committee for UNICEF is one of the UNICEF National Committees in 34 countries and regions of industrialized countries. Advocacy). (Www.unicef.or.jp)

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