Exa Co., Ltd. starts column series of “Preservation of the future with AI / IoT”

Exa Corporation
Exa Co., Ltd. starts column series of “Preservation of the future with AI / IoT” ~ Thinking about the next generation of conservation that combines craftsmanship and advanced technology ~

As many on-site facilities are aged, the on-site facilities are facing structural problems such as loss of knowledge due to the aging of technicians responsible for equipment maintenance and a decrease in the working population. The next generation, including how to carry out equipment maintenance work in such an environment, including methods to improve operational efficiency and inherit the skills of takumi using advanced technologies such as AI and IoT We discuss the ideal way of conservation.
1st and 2nd times: Environment surrounding equipment maintenance and maintenance in the equipment industry
3rd to 4th: Direction of equipment maintenance in the equipment industry (provisional) Coming soon
5th to 7th: Features of equipment maintenance method and concept of maintenance strategy (provisional) Coming soon


Japan is facing an unexperienced future in developed countries due to changes in the population structure accompanying social
infrastructure, maturation of many industries, an aging population, and a declining birthrate. In addition to the social infrastructure that has been built for over 50 years since the end of the war, large-scale plants and factories that were flower-shaped industries during the high-growth period in the manufacturing industry are aging in the order of construction, and the number of accidents has increased. However, the time when it can no longer be used is imminent. In addition to the rapid decline in the labor force, the loss of know-how due to the retirement of veteran employees has become prominent, making it difficult to recover quickly after a disaster and to maintain facilities and equipment easily Can be expected. Traditionally, asset management (asset management) tended to look at the cost of maintaining assets, but it should be seen in the operation of PDCA for equipment operation maintenance as originally defined by ISO. While the growth of the industry is not expected, the viewpoint of how to effectively use existing assets (assets) can be reviewed and attracted attention as an indispensable management method.
In this column, we will discuss the next generation of maintenance methods, including the digitization that has been actively introduced in recent years and the equipment maintenance methods that are the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that has been actively pursued in Europe and the United States. .
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Date of establishment: October 1987
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Exa Co., Ltd. is an IT service company based on IBM Japan, Ltd. and JFE Steel Corporation. We promote digital transformation (DX) using advanced technology and comprehensively provide various services from upstream consulting to development / construction, operation / maintenance.
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