Felissimo Co., Ltd. Interior needs “denim”! New items from “USEDo”

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
The interior needs “denim”! New items from “USEDo”
“Men’s Zack” brand that makes life tools for men

Felicimo “USEDo” has announced a new item based on the theme of “denim”, which is familiar with the interior, and has been on the web since November 13th. You can see the new items in the digital catalog that includes styling photos that make you want to add denim to your interior. All other items, including new USEDo titles, can be found on the official website. To commemorate the emergence of new “denim” items, we are also carrying out an “Isobuy Campaign” where the “bore hanten (crazy pattern) as if found in a second-hand shop” is a bargain price.
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◆ Check new items with the theme of “denim” in the digital catalog [Image 2

◆ USED’s “Men’s Zack” items are on the official website [Image

◆ Pick a new item
Denim-like floor sheet is cut into a special size that is easy to use. Cushion floor material that can easily wipe off water and dirt is easy to clean. In addition to the kitchen, you can put it in a dining room or a washroom. If you spread a lot, you will find an unbearable sight for denim lovers.
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[NEW] Floor mat d12759-1501-121976-11.jpg

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