[Japan Sports Association] The 23rd Japan-Korea Sports Exchange / Adult Exchange Korean Korean Team will be accepted

Japan Sports Association We accept the 23rd Japan-Korea Sports Exchange / Adult Exchange Korean Team JSPO (formal name: Japan Sports Association, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Chairman Masatoshi Ito), who will create an environment for “sporting”, “supporting”, and “seeing / expressing” sports, will be on Thursday, September 19 On the 25th (Wednesday), we will accept Korean players in Gifu Prefecture. The Korean team will participate in the “Japan Sports Masters” in 2012 to deepen friendship and friendship between Japan and Korea through sports with Japanese participants and promote sports in both countries. [Image 1

1.Period Sept. 19 (Thu)-25 (Wed) 7 days 2. Location Gifu Prefecture 3.Number of people accepted Korean team: 167 people * Number of people as of September 2 4. Implementation competition 9 competitions Soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, cycling, soft tennis, soft baseball, badminton, bowling 5.Other ・ The Japanese team was dispatched to Korea from Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea from April 25 (Thu) to May 1 (Wed). ・ This exchange is a “Sports for Tomorrow” certification project. * Document: Implementation guidelines and schedule
◆ About JSPO (Japan Sports Association) JSPO was founded in July 1911 as the Japan Sports Association in order to promote national sports and improve international competitiveness. After the Japan Physical Education Association, it became the current name on April 1, 2018. JSPO holds sports competitions covering all generations such as the National Sports Festival and the Japan Sports Masters, creation of sports venues such as the Sports Boy Scouts and comprehensive regional sports clubs, development of sports leaders who support sports enjoyment, We are developing a wide range of businesses for everyone to voluntarily “sport,” “support,” “view and express” sports, such as promoting sports rooted in the latest medicine and science. In addition, as a unified organization of Japanese sports, we cooperate with various sports-related organizations / organizations and individuals such as the country, more than 60 competition groups, 47 prefecture sports and physical education associations. Jigoro Kano, who appears as an important role in leading the main character in the Taiga drama “Idaten” in 2019, is the first chairman of JSPO, and JSPO is also the stage of “Idaten”. [Image 2

[Image 3

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