2019 Mixed Volleyball World Championship Nations Cup Volleyball mixed 4 + 2 2019

Non-Profit Organization Japan Mixed Volleyball Federation 2019 Mixed Volleyball World Championship Nations Cup Volleyball mixed 4 + 2 2019 Mixed volleyball world meeting held in Russia from May 13, 2019 to May 18, 2019, 2019


We introduce players who are challenging with a strong desire to clear the second-largest snowfall of the previous year.

1 Kuramata Kohei Height: 184 cm From High School: Japan Airlines High School
2 Watanabe Daisuke Height 182 cm From high school: Kawasaki City Tachibana High School
3 Tokuo Naoya Tall 180 cm from high school: Hoshijo High School
4 Okamura Osamu Height: 180 cm From High School: Kochi High School
5 Katsuta Kimoto Tall 177 cm from high school: Shindai Gakuen
6 Kitamura Naoki Height: 174 cm From High School: Toa Gakuen
7 Inazumi Yukie Height: 166 cm from high school: Hosoda Gakuen
8 Kuramata Misora ​​Height: 165 cm From High School: Toyohashi Central High School
9 Haruka Yamanobe Height: 161 cm from high school: practice school
10 Minakami Hanano Tall 158 cm from high school: Kyoei Gakuen

The average height is the lowest among the participating countries, but the technology is extremely high, with only the best team in Japan for the past four consecutive years. With a variety of strategies, including women’s Miracle Receive who is not afraid of spikes released by men in 2m class, and a variety of strategies, including men’s and women’s Two Setters, it should develop a valley that attracts people around the world. Captain Kimoto’s comment “The goal is to be the world’s best. We will attract and impress people who are watching in the Japanese team’s connected valley in Russia, and I will do my best to bring back the hope of winning at the Amateur Mixed Volleyball World Championship. Please!” It has been decided that this member will take on the world tournament.

[Group summary]
Group name: Non-Profit Organization Japan Mixed Volleyball Federation Established: March 8, 2005 Chairman: Representative director Yoshihiro Oe Purpose: As a group leading and representing the mixed volleyball world widely to the general public, by promoting and promoting mixed volleyball competition in Japan and the world, more people will develop healthy and rich humanity The purpose is to contribute to the creation of opportunities. Activities: We hold and support mixed volleyball competitions in Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku, China, Kansai, Tokai, Shin-etsu, Hokuriku, Kanto, Kita-Kanto, Tohoku, Hokkaido, and various regions throughout Japan.

URL: mixvolleyball.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/j.mix.vb/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCyVKOvUZZg1f57iIq2tyx5w

【Inquiries about activities】
Non-Profit Organization Japan Mixed Volleyball Federation
TEL: 09029147467
E-Mail: y-oe@mixvolleyball.com

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