Established “SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council”

SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council Established “SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council” On November 1st, “SHIBUYA QWS” opens on the 15th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square Phase I (East Building)
On September 30, 2019, the SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) will support the community and member activities of “SHIBUYA QWS” and promote innovation. Established. * ”SHIBUYA QWS” is a membership facility located on the 15th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square Phase I (East Building), which opened on November 1, 2019. The Council promotes the fusion of knowledge based on new ideas that transcend technological fields, the creation of new business models, and the fusion of technical knowledge with ideas from the user’s perspective, taking advantage of regional characteristics unique to Shibuya. The purpose is to solve social issues by promoting innovation and to foster creative human resources to contribute to the nation of innovation. At the first board meeting held on September 30, 2019, Noriaki Takahide (President and CEO of Shibuya Scramble Square Co., Ltd.) was elected as the chairman, established a council, established rules, and appointed a director. . In the future, this conference will call on the participation of people who agree with the purpose of the conference, such as companies, organizations, local governments, etc., including the surrounding area of ​​Shibuya, as well as creators and venture companies. We will conduct activities that go beyond the framework, and contribute to the creation of innovation and human resource development. Details are as attached. more than
Attachment [SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council Overview] 1. About SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council ・ An organization that supports the community and member activities of the SHIBUYA QWS, a member-based facility where diverse people intersect and interact to create seeds that lead to social value, and promote innovation ·the purpose 1. Utilizing regional characteristics unique to Shibuya, promoting the fusion of knowledge based on new ideas that transcend technological fields, the creation of new business models, and the fusion of technical knowledge with ideas from the user’s perspective. 2. Contribute to Japan’s innovation nation by solving social issues and fostering creative human resources by promoting innovation. ·Characteristic 1. Human and technical support for accreditation projects through the implementation of contests and programs 2. In addition to corporate members, five universities (Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Waseda University, and Tokyo City University), which are partners of SHIBUYA QWS, participate in the community and create knowledge and new value. Plan 3. Organization of working groups (hereinafter referred to as “WG”) by corporate members and collaborative universities 4. Construction of human network in various fields beyond organizational boundaries 2. Purpose of establishment Japan’s economy has continued to grow at a high rate for many years. We are facing a major turning point, such as changes in social conditions due to development. In order to respond flexibly to these dramatic changes that change at a high speed and solve these issues, it is necessary to build a social structure that can continuously generate innovation that generates new social value. . Moreover, in the global competitive environment, Japan’s potential competitive advantage is the knowledge and ability of not only things but also diverse human resources, and the role and necessity it plays will continue to increase in the future. It is considered. The diversity extends not only to science and technology and manufacturing, but also to a wide range of cultures such as art, sports, culture, clothing, food and housing, and subculture. There is a need to induce innovation and change through new combinations that are not confined to existing growth models and are not confined to existing ideas across domains. The “SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council” promotes innovation by supporting the community and membership activities of “SHIBUYA QWS”, a facility where diverse people cross and interact to create seeds that lead to social value. . SHIBUYA QWS is a value that is valued by “Question with Sensibility,” and people from diverse backgrounds and areas of activity unique to Shibuya are intermingled to gain knowledge through new ideas that transcend fields. We aim for harmony, value creation, and creative human resource development. 3. Date of establishment September 30, 2019 4. Main activities The “SHIBUYA QWS Innovation Council” mainly carries out the following activities to promote the creation of new innovations and the development of creative human resources. 1. Holding the “QWS Stage” Held a contest “QWS Stage” to support QWS project members and QWS challenge adoption projects. Holding frequency 4 times a year (planned). 2. Planning and operation of the university collaboration program “QWS Academia” Wide-ranging human resource development through academy functions (encouragement of entrepreneurship and support for entrepreneurs such as digital technology recurrent courses) Shops, etc.), visualization and transmission of the value of research and education (showcases of academic knowledge, science cafes by individual researchers, talk shows by researchers from multiple universities, etc.) 3. Composition of “Research WG” Establish a “Research WG” by corporate members and collaborative universities, and aim to create new social value. (Examples: Mobility WG, Project for Regenerating and Utilizing Local Public Facilities, Environmental Experiment + Ecotourism + Food WG, Infrastructure Diagnosis / Maintenance WG, Sports Analytics WG, etc.) 5. List of officers (in no particular order, titles omitted) Chairman: Noriaki Takahide, President, Shibuya Scramble Square Co., Ltd. Reason: Naohiro Ukawa Representative Director of DOMMUNE Seiji Shigeki Director, Managing Executive Officer, The Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Tomoko Minamiba DeNA Co., Ltd. Chairman Tomoya Nogi, Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo Lewis Robin Co-founder and Representative Director, Social Innovation Japan Haruo Miyagi Representative Director, NPO ETIC. Secretariat: Shibuya Scramble Square Co., Ltd. 6. Other Official website URL:

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