Japan Football Federation for Persons with Disabilities Awarded “HEROs OF THE YEAR 2019” at Nippon Foundatio n “HEROs AWARD”

Japan Football Federation for Persons with Disabilities
Japan Football Federation for Persons with Disabilities Awarded “HEROs OF THE YEAR 2019” at Nippon Foundation “HEROs AWARD”

The Japan Federation of Persons with Disabilities Soccer Federation (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Chairman Go Go Kitazawa / JIFF) is a member of the Japan Foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman Yohei Sasakawa) honoring athletes and organizations for social contribution activities. Awarded “HEROs OF THE YEAR 2019” at “AWARD 2019” (December 9, 2019 / in Tokyo).
One of the pillars of the “HEROs Sportsmanship for the future” project established by the Nippon Foundation, which promotes social
contribution activities by utilizing the power of sports, and accelerates the resolution of social issues to expand the circle of social innovation. It is for the purpose. This award is designed to pay attention to, praise, and support athletes and organizations that are performing sportsmanship outside the stadium for society, the community, and the future of children. In FY 2019, five activities were nominated, and among them, the “Japanese Society for Persons with Disabilities” “Creating a symbiotic society through soccer” was selected as “HEROs OF THE YEAR 2019”. This award was announced at the award ceremony held in Tokyo on Monday, December 9th.
HEROs AWARD official website
■ Comments from the award: JIFF Go Kitazawa Chairman
Photo courtesy of Nippon Foundation
Recently, many people with disabilities have come to see the activity in the city. Recently, UNICEF activities and para-athletes have become courageous and stimulating. I feel that is changing. We are all working together towards a common goal of soccer, although the seven groups were disjointed. I think that it will lead to the realization of a symbiotic society by developing a mix of soccer, including healthy people, and I would like to work hard towards that realization through soccer and sports.
■ About the Japan Federation of Persons with Disabilities (JIFF) URL: https://www.jiff.football/
Seven people with disabilities play football based on the philosophy of “Widely contributing to the creation of a vibrant symbiotic society where everyone enjoys the value of sports and respects the
individuality of each person, regardless of whether or not they have disabilities.” An intermediate support organization that supports organizations *. Established in April 2016 as an affiliated
organization of the Japan Football Association, it is engaged in activities such as strengthening the organizational foundation, promoting communications, and linking football.
* Seven soccer groups with disabilities: Japan Ampty Soccer
Association, Japan CP Soccer Association, Japan Social Football Association, Japan Intellectual Disabled Soccer Association, Japan Electric Wheelchair Soccer Association, Japan Blind Soccer
Association, Japan Deaf Soccer Association

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