Launched Nagano Fuyu Camp LABO., A project to research the winter camp market in Nagano Prefecture. Announced the results of the Winter Camp Demand Survey 2020.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization
Launched Nagano Fuyu Camp LABO., A project to research the winter camp market in Nagano Prefecture. Announced the results of the Winter Camp Demand Survey 2020.
Estimated demand for healthy living in winter camps is over 580,000 …………………………………………………………………………
Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization has launched Nagano Fuyu Camp LABO. (Abbreviation: NFC LABO.) With volunteers from tourism organizations in Nagano Prefecture. Is as follows.
[Background of establishment]
キ ャ ン プ The camping population has increased due to the recent outdoor boom, and the market is booming. Recently, more and more people enjoy camping in winter. Nagano prefecture is the second largest campsite in the prefecture (Source: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “Survey on Physical Education and Sports Facilities”), but many campsites are closed in winter, so there is a great chance loss in the future May produce.
中 While there are many ski resorts that are attracting customers due to the lack of warm winter snow, it is necessary to create new winter tourism attractions that do not depend on snow.
【the aim】
Increase the number of campsites that can be operated in winter by visualizing the issues in winter operation of campsites and finding solutions to them.
Increase the winter camper population by communicating the fun of winter camps and ways to enjoy them safely.
Speaking of winter camps, establish a position in Nagano Prefecture. 【Overview】
◆ Members (at the time of establishment)
Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization, Nagano Tourism Convention Bureau, Shinshu Chikuma Tourism Bureau
(One company) Shinshu Shinanomachi Tourism Association, (One company) Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau, Alpine Village Minakoi Tourism Bureau (No company) Minami-Shinshu Matsukawa sightseeing town development center, Achi ☆ Hirugin Tourism Bureau
◆ Activities
Survey analysis (winter camp market survey, campground business survey in the prefecture, etc.)
Fieldwork (research through winter camp practice)
Problem solving study meeting with experts
Public relations PR (Nagano Prefecture official sightseeing site “Go NAGANO”, transmission on SNS, media cooperation, etc.)
“ Winter Camp Demand Survey 2020 ” Results Announced
[Survey Summary]
Survey target: Those aged 15 or older who camp at least once a year Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: January 15 to 16, 2020
Valid answer: 699 samples
Camping is a popular season in summer (July-August)
Winter camp rate is 6.4%
[Image 1d53482-1-979096-1.png
・ 6.4% of people have done at least one camp in any month from December to March ・ In the winter season (December to March), the average implementation rate is 2.0% per month
・ August implementation rate 65.5%
6.9% intention to conduct winter camps
Estimated number of people: 586,500
[Image 2d53482-1-557109-0.png
・ 6.9% of people want to go camping in any month from December to March. ・ It is estimated that 586,500 people are intentional people for the 8.5 million camp population (*). (* Quoted from the Japan Auto Camp Association “Auto Camp White Paper 2019”)
The number one attraction of winter camps is “the beautiful starry sky” [Image 3d53482-1-312331-2.png

Gears that are particular about winter camps are also related to “heating” [Image 4d53482-1-419886-3.png
・ Although it was a minority, there were answers such as “telescope”, “fishing equipment”, and “movie”.
The most popular dish in winter camps is the classic camp “meat dishes” Popular “pan” and “stew” like winter
[Image 5d53482-1-797518-4.png
・ Minority opinions included “smoked”, “horse meat”, “sukiyaki”, etc.

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