Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. Installed the first dog-only toilet in Japan at Osaka International Airport

Kansai Airport Co., Ltd.
First domestic airport “ dog-only toilet ” installed at Osaka International Airport
Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. has set up the first domestic dog-only toilet at Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) from Thursday, February 13 with the aim of improving the convenience of airport users with dogs. To do.
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ト イ レ A dog-only toilet will be installed at the Osaka International Airport transfer area to provide a more convenient and comfortable environment for those who use the airport with their dog. We hope that dogs will take care of their toilets with their owners before boarding, which will reduce stress.
補助 In addition, multi-purpose toilets for service dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs) can be used in addition to the multipurpose toilets in the terminal building and the dog-only toilets completed in December 2019. This multipurpose restroom has pictograms for assisting dogs and intercoms for calling. In addition,
multipurpose restrooms are not exclusive toilets for service dogs, so please prepare pet sheets when using.
Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. will continue to strive to improve user convenience. Outline of dog-only toilet
Installation location: Osaka International Airport 迎 Pick-up space Available time: 5: 30-22: 00
Facility contents: Pee pole with washing function, dirty logistics, shower, drinking place, bench etc.
[Image 2d45236-52-449831-1.png
Pee pole with washing function
[Image 3d45236-52-576476-2.jpg
Drinking fountains
Construction company: ANA Sky Building Service Co., Ltd.
ANA Sky Building Service contributes to airport operations as a wide range of ANA Group companies, mainly in building maintenance, construction work, reception / service, transportation / security equipment installation / management, etc. We meet customers’ expectations at a wide range of high quality and optimal prices at major domestic airports, including Osaka International Airport and Kansai International Airport.

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