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Mrs. Yuka Sakata, representative of Mrs. International 2019 Japan, 24 years old

Rose Crusaders International Women Support Association Mrs. Yuka Sakata, representative of Mrs. International 2019 Japan, 24 years old ………………………………………………………………………………………… Mr. Yumiko Sakata as Mr. Ms. Japan representative in 2019 (24) Report to Ms. Masahiko Kuwayama and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology who participated in the World Congress of Mrs. International Press Release July 2, 2019 Mr. Yumi Sakata as Mrs. International Japan representative in 2019 (24) Participating in the “Mrs. International” World Congress Reported to Masahiko Kuwayama and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology [Image 1

[Image 2

(Yumi Sakata who won the Grand Prix of “Mrs International 2019” and became Japan representative) Mr. Yumika Sakata (24 years old) who won the grand prix at the “Mrs’s International 2019” Japan Representative Committee held on April 18, 2019, by the International Association for Women’s Support (Rose Crusaders) And courtesy call on the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr. Masahiko Enoyama, and reported that he will compete at the World Congress in Charleston, South Carolina, USA from July 15-19. The beauty pageant “Miss International 2019”, which supports women of all ages, and “Mez Fabulous”, a generational contest, are sponsored by the International Women Support Association (Rose Crusaders), which was established in March 2019. Beauty pageant. In addition, in the beauty pageant “Miss Fabulous 2019”, which can be challenged by anyone regardless of age, married or unmarried, held simultaneously with “Mrs. International 2019”, generational classes from 20s to 60s and 2019s The contest was held in the class for single mothers newly established from the year, and the Grand Prix of each class was decided. The following people have been awarded.
● Mrs International 2019 Grand Prix Yuya Sakata (24 years old) Vice Grand Prix Misaki Ogasawara (33 years old) 3rd place Tomoko Fujino (36 years old)
● Mez ・ Fabulous 2019 20’s “Brilliant Class” Grand Prix Hiroka Mihashi (29 years old) Newly established in 2019 [Image 3

[Image 4

(Yumi Sakata, who won the grand prix = photo center and Misaki Ogasawara, who is the second grand prix = photo left, 3rd place Fujiko Tomoko = photo right) [Image 5

(Photographs from the left are Ms. Sachiko Misawa, Ms. Yuko Ishikawa, Ms. Yuuki Yamauchi, Ms. Sakurako Ito, Executive Director of International Women’s Support Association, Yumi Sakata, Ms. Nakagawa, Ms. Kazumioka Kaorioka, Ms. Mika Mihashi
● About Mrs. International Mrs International is a contest for married people with a 35-year history, headquartered in West Virginia, USA. The convention also aims to play an active role in each field of activity while supporting the relationship with the family, to support the brilliance of Mrs. who is highly aware of social contribution, and to provide opportunities for further activities. And The World Championships held in the United States is one of the major features of being a couple’s contest, and the spouse who is an important entity supporting Mrs. To do. [Image 6

(State of fitness examination) Mrs. International 2019 and Mys Fabulous 2019 held at the TIAT SKY HALL at the International Terminal of Haneda Airport on April 18, 2019, Japan is not just beauty in appearance, but social A total of 68 finalists from the ages of 29 to 70 were gathered from across the country, with a brilliance from the inside, such as a track record of contributions. The Grand Prix was finally selected through a 30-second speech screening from fitness screening for health beauty and evening dress screening for elegant dignity. that’s all
● Contact us regarding “Mrs. International” Representative director Sakurako Ito TEL: 090-3521-6145 Email address: rosecursedars2019@gmail.comhttps: //www.mrsjapaninternational.com/ Facebook: Mrs. Japan International Pageanthttps: //www.mrsinternational.com/
[Contact from the media related to this matter] International Association for Women Support (Rose Crusaders) Contact: 090-3521-6145 (in charge of Sakurako Ito) E-mail address: rosecursedars2019@gmail.com

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