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  • Sunshine City Co., Ltd. Sunshine 60 Observatory The zip line of the sky ~ Let’s go on the sky of a big city! To

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. Sunshine 60 Observatory The zip line of the sky ~ Let’s go on the sky of a big city! To

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. Sunshine 60 observatory Let’s race in the sky of the zip line-big city of the sky! To The roof of the Sunshine 60 Building is open for a limited time! Fly on the roof of 231 m above the ground! ? New Experience! ? ………………………………………………………………………………………… SKY CIRCUS A new content that allows you to slide at the height of the 60-story rooftop and 231 m above the sunshine 60 observatory (Tokyo, Ikebukuro). ~] Will appear for a limited time from July 24 (Wed) to September 23 (Mon, Congratulation). ※ This release PDF can be downloaded here → prtimes.jp/a/?f=d20364-20190703-6242.pdf
[Image 1

image “Go for the zip line in the sky-the sky of a big city! In ”, you can experience the content ‘Zipline’ that slides down the wire and tastes the thrill on the roof of the Sunshine 60 Building. You can slide a distance of about 18 m from a height of 231 m above the ground, and you can feel the wind blowing at this height with your whole body. From the starting point, you can see the central area of ​​Tokyo such as Shinjuku and Marunouchi, and you can see cars running on the ground, and you can enjoy more thrills when the wind blows. Please enjoy the completely new thrill of flying in the skies of the big city on the roof of the Sunshine 60 Building, where a sensational observation deck will be built this summer! [Image 2

Position of 231 m above the ground [Image 3

Sliding image figure Overview Holding period: July 24 (Wed)-September 1 (Sun) 11:00-18:00 September 3 (Tuesday)-September 23 (Mon., Holiday) 11:00-17:00 ※ September 2 (Mon) will be closed. ※ The final receptionist is 30 minutes before the end of each day (may change due to congestion and weather conditions) ※ We may not be able to experience by weather conditions. Whether or not to conduct will be guided by the observation platform HP (https://sunshinecity.jp/observatory/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/skycircus60). Place: SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory (Sunshine 60 Building) Rooftop Experience fee: 1,000 yen per person * Separately, an observation deck admission fee is required. ※ At the presentation of the observation deck annual passport “SKYPASS”, it is a half price for up to two people including the person. Terms of Use: We have established the terms of use for your safety experience. The following people will not be able to experience. ・ One under 9 years old ・ One who is not junior high school student and does not have parents ・ One less than 110 cm in height ・ Weight 30 kg or less, 90 kg or more · High blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy ・ If you can not wear a harness or helmet ・ If you do not feel well ・ If you are drunk ・ Those who need assistance in walking or getting on / off stairs ・ One who does not sign the written oath ・ Others who are judged inappropriate by staff regarding usage Note: You will not be able to bring your personal belongings, including cameras and smartphones, to the rooftop. I will use a metal detector, I will confirm. ※ Please confirm the observation deck HP for the details such as the use rule and the notes. ——————————————————– ——————————————————– —-
■ SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory Overview Location: 3-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City Sunshine 60 Building, 60F Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00 ※ Last entrance is closed 1 hour ago ※ In case of change ※ Saturday and Sunday from July 20 (Sat) to Sunday, September 1 and Sun extended from 9 to 23:00 on Monday, August 12 (Fri) to 16 (Fri) Entrance fee: 1,200 yen for adults, 900 yen for students (high school, university, vocational school), 600 yen for children (small and middle school students), 300 yen for infants (4 years old or older) ※ VR fee separately Contact: SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory 03-3989-3457 https://sunshinecity.jp ——————————————————– ——————————————————– —- ※ Please note on the facility name notation: If the facility name is too long for entry or text, etc., please use the abbreviated “Sunshine 60 Observatory”. In addition, when it appears repeatedly in the sentence, you may describe it as “observation stand” after the second time. ※ All images are images. ※ All amounts are tax-included.

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000376.000020364.html https://prtimes.jp

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