Distributed to 5,000 elementary schools throughout Japan

Asahi student newspaper company Distributed to 5,000 elementary schools throughout Japan Created by 27 companies nationwide that issue sports, children’s newspaper theme ………………………………………………………………………………………… A newspaper company that issues children’s newspapers and 27 companies with newspaper pages for children hold the “Children’s Newspaper Summit” every two months in March. We summarized result of this year held under the theme of “how should everyone enjoy sports” in “connecting children’s newspaper” (www.asagaku.com/pdf/kodomo19.pdf) . The theme of the 3rd Children’s Newspaper Summit is “How can we all enjoy sports?” In front of the Rugby World Cup Japan Championships held in September this year, and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year, children’s reporters discussed the results and put them together in the 8-page newspaper “Connecting Children’s Newspaper”. You can see the newspaper from the following URL. www.asagaku.com/pdf/kodomo19.pdf We distributed 5 copies of this newspaper to 5,000 elementary schools nationwide. [Image 1

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The 3rd Children’s Newspaper Summit Theme: “Everyone enjoys sports” 【Final proposal】 Let’s challenge together and spread smile [Recommendation of the session]
◆ Regional promotion 1. “Let’s lift up one’s own town by sports” Let’s create opportunities for diverse and multi generations to get in touch with sports so that everyone is always on the topic of smiles
◆ Regional promotion 2. “In the city of sports and excitement” Know the power of sports and the charm of your own town, connect it, and spread it with confidence!
◆ Symbiosis “To enjoy sports for the disabled” Experience together, help each other, and increase your chances to know more!
◆ Science and technology “The power of science in the 20XX sports world?” In 2032 we want people to use the power of science and be a time when everyone can enjoy sports
◆ Support “volunteer, support that child can do” Both support and volunteer support the same. Let’s spread the volunteer that children can do
◆ Education “What does a child do sport for?” Children set goals, play sports to find the fun to do their best and challenge! ——————————————– Children’s newspaper summit executive committee Hokkaido Shimbun Co., Ltd. Hebei Shinpo Co., Ltd. Fukushima Minyu Shimbun Co., Ltd. Ibaraki Shimbun Co., Ltd. Shimono Shimbun Inc. Jomo Shimbun Inc. Asahi student newspaper company Mainichi Shimbun company Yomiuri Shimbun company Niigata Nippo company Shinano Mainichi Shimbun company Shizuoka newspaper company Chunichi Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, Kobe Shimbun, Shin Nihonkai Shimbun, Sanin Chuo Shinpo, Sanyo Shimbun, Inc. Chuo Shimbun, Tokushima Shimbun, Ehime Shimbun, Kochi Shimbun, Oita Joint Newspaper, Miyazaki, Nisshin Shimbun Minami Nippon Shimbun Inc. Okinawa Times Ryukyu Shinpo Inc.

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