【ISE 株式会社 式 会 株式会社】 I change travel alone. Recruitment of short-term language study abroad “junior program” participants of winter vacation start!

YAS Co., Ltd. “Traveling alone” I change! Recruitment of short-term language study abroad “junior program” participants of winter vacation start! ~ Alone in the winter of Rewa, “Traveling alone” to challenge with my family is one step to change the future ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… ISEI Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative director Masaru Kurahashi) working on global education support such as domestic / overseas educational training, study abroad, homestay, etc. We have started recruiting participants for the winter break departure course of the short-term language study program “Junior Program”. The junior program offers courses tailored to the individual’s purpose in six language schools, including the popular English-speaking countries of the United States, Canada and Australia, as well as careful English instruction and the bright and friendly nationality of Cebu Island, Philippines. You can participate in Of course, learning the language provides children with opportunities for learning and growth in order to be active globally. [Image 1

What is a Junior Program? It is a program aimed at language learning that foreign language schools and educational institutions carry out for primary school children, junior high school students and high school students during the spring, summer and winter holidays. By traveling alone from departure to return, not only English but also life will become independent. Besides English lessons in the classroom, there are plenty of opportunities to speak English naturally, such as sports and city sightseeing activities. Since you can choose from a minimum of one week the travel period and departure date, one of the advantages of studying abroad is that you can decide the departure date and period according to your own convenience even if you are busy with club activities or clubs. If you want to study abroad during the winter holidays, you can also experience midsummer Christmas in overseas Christmas seasons and countries in the southern hemisphere! “Traveling alone” is a great opportunity to change me We advocate “life stage learning” and provide more than 400,000 children with opportunities for learning English and international exchange. While the country of study abroad, language school, study abroad period, departure date etc. can be freely selected depending on their own wishes and circumstances, the “Junior Program” is required to overcome the entire schedule from departure to return alone. In that respect, the “Junior Program” is a short-term language study abroad for the participants and even for the families to send out, but it is an attitude to try to overcome problems due to differences in culture and customs, and also differences in language. It will be important. The greatest feature of “Traveling alone” is that AjSEI thinks that “I challenge myself” for the participants. In addition to learning English, many participants feel that they want to change themselves or challenge to something, and when they return home, they feel their own growth and independence over improving their motivation for English. You Furthermore, the family who sent out also feels the change on the life side.
● Impressions from junior high school second grade parents
● Safety was the most worrying about being a junior high school girl’s traveling alone. My daughter who said that she wanted to make lots of friends there seems to have learned about flexibility and positiveness, as she thought and adapted to the pace and atmosphere of the local people. He told me that it was a wonderful experience that I really learned.
● Impressions from high school first grade parents
● When I was traveling for the first time, I was worried that I could ask questions when I was in trouble. After returning home, I feel that I want to learn English more and more. Also, I think that my daughter, who was always working with someone, was able to finish, prepare and clean up at homestay for two weeks alone, and that it made me feel confident.
● High school second graders who participated in a four week homestay stay
● At the language school, I was Japanese and I was trying to talk to students from other countries positively, and I made many friends from other countries. At first it was an exchange of ugly English, but by spending time together, I became confident in the experience I got along with. I participated in aiming to learn English, but as a result it took 4 weeks to learn not only English but also the culture and customs of countries in the world, and differences with Japan.
● Impressions from the sixth graders who participated in the 4-week dormitory stay
● Before leaving, I was worried whether I could talk with a smile. I was very happy that everyone in the class was excited to have a chance to show off the ball in the activity. But until then it was difficult. On the first day I couldn’t get in everyone and I was sad if I was a shy Japanese. But I did my best from the second day. When I brought something Japanese and talked with a smile I made friends little by little. Japan became more fond of when I think that the power to make Japanese things helped me! ? Domestic / overseas staff support “Travel alone” Full-time staff supports “Traveling alone” from one to another from the stage of deciding the course to participate. Even if you do not have a specific purpose or country or school to go to, we will find the perfect course for you through careful counseling with experienced staff. In addition, we will explain the departure procedure, the language school staff at the local airport, the meeting with the host family, etc. in the individual orientation immediately before the departure. During the period of stay, the support staff of the local language school and operating organization support children’s independence by acting in cooperation with Japanese staff. We have selected carefully selected courses where Japanese counselors can be resident or receive support in Japanese, so you can consult in Japanese. The dedicated staff will respond individually from the stage of course determination to return home, and you can take on the challenge of traveling alone.
■ New Zealand Language Centers New Zealand Language Centers winning the top award in the Southern Hemisphere Language School category for 5 consecutive years of STM star awards. We have a good reputation for the leveling and detailing of the lessons and the leveling of individual English skills. The Japanese staff are also working full time, so you can consult in Japanese when you are in trouble.
■ If you participate alone! Personal Lesson Homestay is also recommended! A private lesson homestay where you can receive English lessons one-on-one while staying at the English teacher’s home. Apart from the lessons, you can also expect to improve your English expression and listening skills at homestay. Recommended for those who want to learn English.
◆ Please check here for details https://www.isa.co.jp/rc_junior/ [Image 2

◆ About ISA Since its founding in 1970, Eisai Co., Ltd. has set up a corporate mission of “developing the future of all children through a global learning experience” and has been a part of international education such as study abroad and homestay. A total of 400,000 people have participated in JESA’s overseas training and domestic English training programs so far. Although ISA is registered with Type 1 Travel Business (Tourist Agency Registered Travel Business No. 256), it does not handle general domestic / overseas travel (tourism). We are specialized in educational travel specialized in studying abroad and international education. 【Yushi Co., Ltd.】 Head office: 1-64 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shinagawa Crystal Square 10F Representative: Masaru Kurahashi Established: September 26, 1970 Description of business: Overseas and domestic education training / study abroad, e-learning, school management consulting U R L: https://www.isa.co.jp/

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