“Iki Dolphin Park & ​​Resort” Launching a new program from July 20 (Saturday)! One set of 1 day limited! “Island Camping” where you can stay near the most dolphins in Japan

IKI PARK MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. “Iki Dolphin Park & ​​Resort” Launching a new program from July 20 (Saturday)! One set of 1 day limited! “Island Camping” where you can stay near the most dolphins in Japan A cafe menu, installation of small zoo, experience menu, transportation service, etc. In facilities where you can get in touch with the beautiful sea and nature and dolphins of Iki more closely ………………………………………………………………………………………… IKI PARK MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. (Iki Park Management (Senifu City, Nagasaki Pref. / Representative Director Takada Sugaku)) is located at the northern end of Iki Island, Nagasaki Pref. We will start offering the following new programs from July 20 (Saturday), aiming to be a facility where people can get in touch with each other at & Resorts. “Island Camping” where you can stay near the most dolphins in Japan (island camping) Start offering soda drinks and alcohol using fruits from Sanuki at a cafe in the park We establish “contact zoo” to be able to touch small animals Trainer experience with the park’s trainers and dolphins Experience program that you can interact with dolphins in the same way as dolphins, including diving Free pick-up service from Ashinoshima Island cruising station, Katsuhoncho public hall (morning place)
We feel that it is wonderful to spend time with dolphins through contact with dolphins, and as many people as possible I hope that the sea of ​​Sanuki will make the sea of ​​Japan even more beautiful by becoming interested and interested in the sea where mosquitoes and dolphins live. Some of the benefits of this facility, including the above programs, will be applied to efforts to preserve the marine environment of Sanuki City (such as beach cleanup and seaweed training). [Image 1

New program outline 2019 SUMMER NEW PLAN
■ Island Camping In the park of “Sanuki dolphin park & ​​resort”, we will start reservation of camp accommodation with one set only one day. (¥ 80,000 / BBQ equipment rental / sashimi platter, with Sanuki beef BBQ ingredients set / 4 people 1 set / 1 night) ※ Please contact us for reservations for more than 4 people. [Image 2

■ Cafe new menu Pancake menu Pancake Hot Dock ¥ 700 (Sausage wrapped pancake with chili beans and cheese) ・ Caramel banana ¥ 1,150 (New lineup of sweet pancake) meal menu ・ Bread of bread plus ¥ 500 (We offer bread plus bread daily, and we also offer a croissant and fried egg and other branch menus. We also use jams from Shimogamo fruit) sweets [Image 3

・ Shaved ice ¥ 700 ・ Mango tapioca milk ¥ 500 ・ Afoguard ¥ 500 ・ Sanuki seasonal fruit soda ¥ 500 Alcohol ・ Draft beer ¥ 700 ・ Highball ¥ 700 ・ Iki’s sake, a special model of yokoyama silver, which has been revived for the first time in 28 years, “IKI DOLPHIN” ¥ 700 ・ Iki shochu soda split ¥ 700
■ Contact zoo In the park of “Iki Dolphin Park & ​​Resort”, we start a small animal contact experience for children. (¥ 500/10 min) Meerkat, prairie dog, flemish giant (large rabbit), rabbit, guinea pig, etc. will be exhibited in the park from August 1st. In addition, we plan to carry out horseback riding in the park as horse riding experience of “Yusuke” horseback horse of Hirayama Ryokan of Sanuki. (¥ 2,000 / 10 minutes) New program outline 2019 SUMMER NEW PLAN
■ Dolphin Experience Program In addition to Dolphin Touch & Photo (¥ 2,000 / 30 minutes), Dolphin Rice (¥ 1,000 / 20 minutes), Touch 2 Dolphin (¥ 500/15 minutes), the following experience programs will be launched. [Image 4

[Image 5

Activity schedule ・ Katsumoto Minato town transportation schedule About Sanuki Dolphin Park & ​​Resort In 1995, Sanuki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, was established as a municipal government for the purpose of protecting dolphins. Since its establishment, it has been operated by the municipal administration. As facilities that can be in close proximity to dolphins, approximately 20,000 visitors from outside the island are visited annually. Mr. Takada, who is an adviser on border islands between Sanuki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and the Cabinet Office co-funded, and “IKI PARK MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd.”, established in 2019, will be reopened on April 25 (Thu), 2019. The [Image 6

■ Official HP / SNS HP: https://ikiparks.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ikiirukapark Twitter: https://twitter.com/iki_irukapark Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ikiirukapark
■ Hashtag # Sanuki Dolphin Park & ​​Resort # ikiiruka
■ Opening time Weekdays 9: 30-17: 30 Sat, Sun, Holiday 9: 30-17: 30
■ Address 1-5811-5512 Sanuki City, Nagasaki Prefecture Katsuhoncho East Touch [Image 7

Access to Iki Island
Access: か ら From Fukuoka Prefecture (Kyushu Yusen): From Hakata Port → Shobe Port or Gonoura Port 70 minutes for high speed boat / 140 minutes for ferry か ら From Saga Prefecture (Kyushu Yusen): From Karatsu Port → Intsuji Port About 100 minutes by ferry か ら From Nagasaki Prefecture (Oriental Air Bridge): Nagasaki Airport → Sanuki Airport About 30 minutes by plane
■ Entrance fee Outside the island: Adults 500 yen, junior high school students or less 250 yen For islanders: Adult free (islander card present), high school students or less free (island card present) About IKI PARK MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. Established in 2019 jointly with Mr. Takada, an adviser on border islands between Sanuki City, Nagasaki Prefecture and the Cabinet Office. Effective use of public idle facilities in Sanuki city by facility management. The aim is to develop potential resources through public-private partnerships, expand the tourism exchange population, and expand tourism consumption to drive the economic revitalization of the island. As the first step, in addition to the renewal of Sanuki Dolphin Park, we will expand outdoors and leisure centering on the island nature such as barbecue, marine activity business, and camping service. << General Contact Information IKI PARK MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. Mail: support@ikiparks.com

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