[Zap Co., Ltd.] “Eating is to live,” so …. Early dental consultation before the degree of care becomes heavy! Thinking about “oral care” in the 100 years of life

Zap Corporation “Eating is to live,” …. Early dental consultation before the degree of care becomes heavy! Thinking about “oral care” in the 100 years of life … Hironobu Shimizu of Nagano Olympic gold medalist, the owner of a long-term care related company, long-term care information magazine “airaifu” August issue is published! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Zap Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Representative: Doshi Motoshi) will publish a nursing information magazine “Airaifu” on August 25th (Thursday) on August 2019. The cover is Mr. Hiroyasu Shimizu, a Nagano Olympic gold medalist and owner of a care related company. We set the goal of the second career as “fusion of nursing care and sports” and spoke to Shimizu who walks on the road of business people in Hokkaido. The special feature is “Considering ‘Oral care’ in the 100 years of life. ‘We will improve the quality of our daily oral care in collaboration with professionals, instead of relying on our partner dentists. We want to appreciate such nursing homes'” is. We talked with Takeshi Kikutani, a researcher in geriatric dentistry who has many experience teaching in the oral field of paid nursing homes, about “oral care” in his 100 years of life. [Image 1

Table of contents and featured articles table of contents [Image 2

Feature 1: Thinking about “Oral Care” in the 100 Years of Life “Don’t leave it to affiliated dentists, but work with professionals to improve the quality of daily oral care. I want to appreciate such nursing homes” [Image 3

“Eating is to live,” and keeping the health of the mouth directly connected to it is also important in the care of the elderly. Dr. Takeshi Kikutani, a researcher of geriatric dentistry who is still taking care of the patient’s oral cavity at the Oral Rehabilitation Tama Clinic of The Nippon Dental University, “How to get in touch with the dentist for the elderly” We had you talk such as advice to eat in mouth of “” easy how to distinguish high-quality nursing home of quality of oral care “. “Walking in the field of discharge support” Vol. 6 “A researcher whose main theme is discharge support” [Image 4

“Medical social workers and discharge support nurses are planners who design the lives of patients and their families together,” said Dr. Miyuki Ishibashi, associate professor at Graduate School of Nursing at Chiba University. We asked Professor Ishibashi, whose research theme is discharge support, about how to support discharge and the relationship between nurses and nursing staff in nursing homes. How to read my “care and medical articles”? [Image 5

“A bone stretch that can be left in bed for being a martial arts until 100 years old” (Bungei Haruaki) The author, who has visited the training course of sports trainer Takashi Matsumura three times in total, realized the effect and offered to produce a book. Since then, the third in the bone stretch series to top 300,000 copies in total. A method that can be easily done with the patient in bed as it is for elderly people and those who are taking medical care. We talked to Masaaki Bunsei, who was in charge of editing the book. My life interview [Image 6

Mr. Hiroyasu Shimizu, Nagano Olympic gold medalist and owner of a care related company “I want to build a new direction of work because I think I’m skating,” Hiroyasu Shimizu, who won gold and bronze medals at the Nagano Olympics and silver medals at the Salt Lake City Olympics, as speed skaters. Currently, I spoke to Mr. Shimizu, who serves as the managing director of a company that develops rehabilitation-type nursing homes, visiting nursing stations, fitness studios, and housing for elderly people with services in Hokkaido. The free order of this magazine is “Airaifu Entry Consultation Room Site” https://i-life.net/ Or toll free 0120-007-097 We accept at Monthly nursing information magazine “Airaifu” editorial department [Journal name] “Airifu 2019 August issue” [Summary] The point of the choice of facilities of the family like a nursing home looking for the first time is explained clearly in various cut. We publish various articles about nursing care other than interview article having celebrity talk about care experience. [Number of copies] 60,000 [Distribution place] City ward office elderly person care person in charge counter, social welfare meeting, local inclusion support center, home care support establishment, visiting nursing station, hospital, pharmacy 10,000 places such as

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