【Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.】 JAL group new uniform design decision

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. JAL group new uniform design decision ~ We will start wearing from April 2020 ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

July 23, 2019 JAL announced in April 2020 that it will change the design of the uniforms of all divisions involved in the air transportation business to a new design (* 1). In addition, about the uniform of the flight attendants, after finalizing it based on the valuable opinion (* 2) received from all of you, it is finalized. The JAL Group staff members are proud to wear new uniforms, create one’s heart, create always fresh and moving value, and provide the best service. Aim to be an airline that (* 1) August 23, 2018 Press Release No. 18062 “” We will renovate our uniform design from April 2020 “project to be created together Reference URL: http://press.jal.co.jp/ en / release / 201808 / 004848.html (* 2) January 22, 2019 Press Release No. 18129 “Performing the JAL 2020 New School Uniform Project-Questionnaire-for everyone” Reference URL: http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201901 /005019.html 1. Basic concept 洗練 Worn by professionals who provide the highest level of safety and security services with sophisticated and stylish designs Necessary items while making the best use of current uniforms that have received high acclaim from each It shall be of quality and function. In order to contribute to the realization of the society that SDGs aim for, it is shown at the Tokyo 2020 conference with business partners We will strive to respond to the “sustainable procurement code”. Also, durability improvement and use of recycled polyester etc. Work on the environment, and the line-up with consideration for diversity makes the staff lively and active It shall be possible. [Image 2

Related SDGs 2. Selection process The new uniform was selected based on a comprehensive assessment of basic concepts and costs, centered on a project team consisting of JAL Group staff who are actually wearing uniforms. As for the flight attendants’ uniforms, we received many valuable comments from you on the proposed proposal. We received many comments, such as “I feel stylish” and “I feel new” for the finalized candidate. In addition, there were many proposals that actually led to improvements, such as “Is the shape of the sleeve suitable for business” and “should we introduce a pants style for women?” Through trial and error to reflect the opinions received and the voices of the JAL Group staff, we have realized a new uniform that realizes the basic concept together with you. 3. New uniform point 【Flight attendant】 The creative director, Yasutoshi Ezuka, who was in charge of the design, expresses “sophisticated hybrid beauty” and “contemporary beauty created by hybrids” under the theme “Hybrid Modern Beauty”. You Using the latest design method of hybrid combining different materials, while utilizing the high-visibility color of the logo mark “Tsurumaru” and brand color for some items, it has originality and is sophisticated, comfortable to wear and highly functional It became a uniform that realized. The three-dimensional silhouette dress that represents the streamlined shape of a crane uses a balloon sleeve that is extremely rare in airline uniforms. In terms of hiring, based on the opinions received from all of you, we have designed the sleeve shape to be optimized for business volume and movement. The scarf is a large-sized design that combines curves and straight lines, and has the meaning of promoting interaction with JAL’s wings, as well as visualizing the “Hybrid” theme. The scarf is set separately for each JAL group airline. In addition, we newly introduced an apron with the same stripes as the scarf. I will color the scene of the meal gorgeously. In addition, to introduce a variety of ways of working pants style will be realized with a balance that will be the same impression when lined with a dress. [Image 3

[Image 4

[Ground service department] Designed by Yasutoshi Esuka under the theme of “Hybrid Modern Beauty” common to flight attendants. While making elegance expressive by the curvilinear form which imaged a crane, I am devising the pattern making so that beautiful movement can be maintained by various movements. In addition, as with the uniforms for flight attendants, the logo “Tsurumaru” and brand color are used. The scarf is a long type with a large format. The flower by Mr. Esumi’s handwriting is in full bloom, and it is accompanied by flowers in the scene including the airport in about 20 colors. In addition, the newly introduced one-piece style pursues freedom of movement while being a constructive and contemporary beautiful silhouette. The lounge staff uniform is a soft pink beige and no-color double jacket that creates a lounge-like atmosphere. The service staff’s uniform is a cream beige that exudes a sense of speciality, and a double jacket with a tailored color that produces high-quality formality. [Image 5

[Image 6

【Operation crew】 The unisex design has been improved with functions such as changing patterns that emphasize mobility while maintaining the same design as the JAL Group tradition. In addition, the newly designed women’s design will make the jacket a clean single button and introduce a scarf instead of the traditional tie. The scarf design with the motif of the development of the folded paper crane is designed by Yasutoshi Esuka in the same manner as the cabin attendants and ground service section. [Image 7

【mechanic】 The coverall is designed by Desanto Japan. The bold design of the image is based on the logo of Tsurumaru, and the three-dimensional and stylish silhouette is realized utilizing the functionality cultivated in sportswear, and it becomes beautiful and functional “performance gear”. Outerwears such as raincoats and winter clothing are by Monbell. As well as climbing and outdoor, while achieving excellent functionality and high durability to protect themselves from severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and snowstorms, eliminating waste, has a functional beauty that is created by pushing the ease of use. The color is black and expresses sharp insight, determination to safety and security. [Image 8

【Grand handling staff】 The work clothes are designed by Descento Japan Co., Ltd., and have a common design, quality, and function with a mechanic. In addition to the coverall, a separate type work clothes that can be used for various working styles is newly set. In addition, we will introduce polo shirts as a response to severe heat. Outerwear is by Monbell, a similar engineer. The color is energetic red. [Image 9

[Kariyoshi wear] Kariyushi wear to be worn in the summer in the Okinawa area has been supervised by Yasutoshi Esuka, and arranged five Okinawa flowers including Deigo in bright colors. In addition to expressing the feeling of warmth and warm “hospitality” unique to Okinawa, it is designed to feel “modern newness”. We introduce Kariyushi wear to flight crew anew from this time. The same design is used casually in the placket, and a sense of unity with the flight attendants and ground reception staff is produced. All Kari-Yushi wear is produced in Okinawa Prefecture. [Image 10

(Reference) Creative director / designer Yasutoshi Ekaku Yasutoshi Ezumi [Image 11

Born in 1981 in Hiroshima. “EZUMi (Ezumi)” designer. Graduated from Central Saint Martins Art School, London. Gain experience with collection brands. 2010 Launched own fashion brand “Yasutoshi Ezumi” and was selected as “3rd SHINMAI Creator’s project” sponsored by JFW. From the Fall / Winter 2011 collection, presented at the Tokyo Collection. 10th Best Devantant Award in Fashion category, 6th DHL Designer Award. Changed the brand name to “EZUMi” in 2018. that’s all

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