[Ryukyu Asteda Sports Club Co., Ltd.] Ryukyu Asteda “Nojima T-League 2019-2020 Season”, joining the Rio silver medalist “Masharu Yoshimura” is decided.

Ryukyu Asteda Sports Club Ltd. Ryukyu Asteda “Nojima T-League 2019-2020 Season”, joining the Rio silver medalist “Yoshimura Masaharu” is decided. Ryukyu Asteda wins players and staff announced eighth ………………………………………………………………………………………… On August 7, I joined a press conference at the finest French restaurant in Tokyo Ryukyu Asteda, the second season of the T-League, in the “Nojima T-League 2019-2020 season” In order to win the champion, we are reinforcing the players and staff. We will announce the team sequentially, but this time we will inform the decision of the enlisted player as the eighth bullet. Player: Yoshiharu Masaharu (Yoshimura Mahal) [Image

Masaharu Yoshimura is one of the top players in Japan. Activities such as Rio Olympic group silver medal acquisition and world championship gold medal acquisition are too famous, and the T-League has entered the war from the first year, and is raising the fan. 【Mahara Yoshimura profile】 Born on August 3, 1993, out of Ibaraki prefecture? World Ranking: Currently 40th (previous 15th) Affiliation: Nagoya Daihatsu Main achievements 2012 All Japan Table Tennis Championships Men’s Singles Winner 2015 Japan Open Men’s Singles Runner-up Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Group Team Runner-up (Silver Medal) 2017 World Championships German Championship Double Doubles Winner 2019 World Championships Hungarian Championship Double Doubles runner-up 【Ryukyu Asteda Sports Club Co., Ltd. Representative · Shusaku Hayakawa Comments】 In aiming for the second season champion, we decided to join the most reassuring players. Although players with representative experience from around the world still gather, Yoshimura, who has abundant experience as a Japanese, is expected to lead not only to individual victory but also to the power-up of the entire team. Also, Yoshimura’s bright and highly entertaining personality is highly regarded as a professional team. I look forward to playing an active part as the face of T-league, Ryukyu Asteda.

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