Google X’s Former CFO Tobias Wessels Named Chief Executive Officer of B-Spoke US Corporation

Be spoke Google X’s Former CFO Tobias Wessels Named Chief Executive Officer of B-Spoke US Corporation Opening up Silicon Valley office accelerates overseas development of multilingual AI chatbot “Bebot”- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Bespoke Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Akemi Tsunakawa), which develops multilingual chatbots “Bebot” for hotels, airports, and local governments, is Tobias Wessels on August 5, 2019 We are pleased to announce that Mr. Bespoke has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the United States Corporation. [Image

■ Inauguration message “Be-Spoke’s AI Chatbot” Bebot “is a market leader in the industry, with a great deal of attention, particularly from overseas airports. In the US and Europe, chatbots made in foreign countries are gradually spreading, but some FAQs have been automated. I feel great potential for “Bebot” with 100% consideration of privacy regulations and functions to alleviate congestion and assist customers with unique natural language processing technology, and I am very honored to be able to participate in Bespoke I feel I am excited to be able to help create the next generation of travel experiences. ” About Tobias Wessels Wessels is the CFO of GoogleX, an incubator for the moonshot project at Google’s US headquarters from 2007 to 2012. Later, as a senior vice president at ADARA US headquarters providing data solutions specific to the travel industry, he was responsible for the launch of the European office (London / Dublin), global partnership strategies including Japan, and data business. The Wessels started his career at Deutsche Bank Head Office (Frankfurt) and later engaged in asset management at Deutsche Asset Management (New York branch).
■ About B-Spoke Corporation We are developing a chatbot “Bebot” equipped with proprietary language processing (artificial intelligence). Bebot is a chatbot that provides multilingual support in real-time instead of human beings in response to foreign language questions and requests that occur at accommodation facilities, stations, airports, local governments, and other facilities where visiting foreigners gather. In addition to tourist information, facility information, and traffic information, we also provide information at the time of disasters. About 40,000 users are currently serving on one day.
■ “Bebot” introduction results ・ Narita International Airport Sendai International Airport Tokyo Station City (JR East Tokyo Station) ・ Hotel New Otani and many other accommodation
■ Merits by introducing “BEBOT” ○ Reduce the number of windows by automating the response to simple inquiries ○ Reduction of complaints and problems caused by language incompatibility ○ We will meet the detailed needs of each foreign guest by customizing the facility unit and improve the satisfaction of the facility user ○ Reduce congestion in transportation facilities and popular tourist areas by switching the display of answers depending on the time of day
■ Company Profile Business Name: B-Spoke Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Akemi Tsunakawa Location: (Japan) Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (US) California Established: October 2015 Description of business: Development and provision of multilingual AI solution Company URL:

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