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[Mizuno Co., Ltd.] Golf shoes “WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS” released

Mizuno Corporation Released golf shoes “WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS” Spikeless golf shoes in pursuit of fit Mizuno will sell “WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS”, a spikeless golf shoe that pursues comfort, from September 20th at Mizuno golf merchandise stores nationwide. The price is an open price (expected store price: ¥ 13,500 + tax). [Image

“WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS” supports a comfortable round by providing a fit with the “mounting mouth integrated structure” in the upper part and Mizuno’s unique running shoe technology on the sole.
■ Features of “WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS” ・ Mouth integrated structure By merging the upper part’s tongue and the mouth, we pursue a fit when worn. Together with the spikeless sole, it supports the stability of the swing. ・ Spikeless sole A spikeless sole that uses “MIZUNO WAVE”, “X10 Rubber”, and “U4ic” installed in running shoes. “MIZUNO WAVE” suppresses movement in and out while reducing cushioning, reducing the burden on the foot. “X10 Rubber” Sole wear is suppressed by using rubber with excellent wear resistance. “U4lic” uses Mizuno’s original midsole material “U4ic”, which is lightweight.
▼ Special website for “WAVE CADENCE SPIKELESS” https://www.mizuno.jp/golf/shoes/wave_cadence/2019

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000023.000009202.html https://prtimes.jp

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