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  • Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd. Various handmade items such as hand netting, sewing, embroidery, etc. A popular book in home economics teaching materials has been renewed with strengthening “Osaiho”

Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd. Various handmade items such as hand netting, sewing, embroidery, etc. A popular book in home economics teaching materials has been renewed with strengthening “Osaiho”

Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd.
Various handmade items such as hand netting, sewing, embroidery, etc. Popular books in home economics teaching materials reinforced “Osaiho” and renewed
Released the book “Reiwa Version: First“ Nu ”and“ Amu ””.
Shufu no Tomosha Co., Ltd. released the book “Reiwa Edition for the first time,“ Nu ”and“ Amu ”+ Osaiho”
https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/407441046X/ on January 24, 2020 Was. ・ Tell me how to pass the thread through the needle!
・ We can make various mascots, bags, mufflers and accessories! [Image 1

The long-selling handicraft primer published in 2003 has been renewed. This book, which has attracted attention as a groundbreaking book combining various handicraft techniques into one, has been loved by many readers for 17 years, with two revisions on the way. It has been used as a sub-text and teaching materials for classes and club activities.
In this revision, we will enhance the techniques that are useful for living and eco-education, such as attaching buttons, rectifying, name and bib numbers, and rugby and soccer mascots, ID cases, mizuhiki, one-color embroidery, etc. Has been newly added.
[Image 2

Explains the basics such as how to thread the needle with photos, and without any difficult knowledge or practice, you can enjoy creating a work immediately, so even a teacher without home economics expertise does not feel anxious about teaching with this book That also seems to be a popular reason.
–Publication techniques–
Hand Towel / Embroidery / Patchwork & Quilt / Sewing Handicraft / Sewing / Ami Needle / Crochet Ami / Beads / Macrame / Misanga / Leather / Paper Craft / Ornament Knot / Mizuhiki etc.
[Image 3

–Posted items–
[Hand Towel] Mascot / Pass Case / Azuma Bag
[Embroidery] walnut button / sachet / sewing case
[Patchwork & Quilt] Tote Bag / Eyeglass Case
[Sewing and sewing handicraft] skirt / apron / lunch bag / lesson bag / co bag [Stick needle net] muffler / knit hat / neck warmer
[Crochet Ami] Bag / Stall / Cush,
[1day handicraft] bracelet / choker / card / strap
Buttoning and skirting will help you if you can do it yourself! In the Reiwa version, we have strengthened the tips that are useful for living. [Image 4d2372-1084-753483-5.jpg
Button attachment, snap attachment, hook attachment, closing socks and pants holes, how to pass rubber and string,
Introducing how to get close to the skirt of the skirt that has fallen, the length of the pants, the numbering, the closing of the hole under the socks, the name, the numbering, and the way to attach the zipper.
It would be handy to be able to attach the buttons that were removed or the pants that you paid for.
Recommended for those who start living alone and for men!役 立 ち It will always be useful. Even if there is a hole in the socks, it can be eco-friendly by making it longer.
Cute mascots, charms made with wishes, Mizuhiki, etc.
Add popular handicrafts nowadays
[Image 5d2372-1084-960595-4.jpg
Mascots made by ticking felt are eternally popular items. Rugby and soccer mascots in addition to animal characters. Depending on the arrangement, various uniforms can be made.
Amulet mascot is also posted for the first time. Cute animal characters pray for success, love luck, luck, and traffic safety. It is perfect for a present. In addition, Mofu-Mofu animal ID cases and boom Mizuhiki decorations have been added to young people despite traditional handicrafts.
Mika * Yuka’s original character is cute!
Handicraft is fun! Book that you can realize
[Image 6d2372-1084-168628-6.jpg
Mika * Yuka is a twins handicraft writer unit composed of former handicraft book editor Mika Haneda (Mika) and apparel brand Yuka Hoshikawa (Yuka).
Both are graduates of Bunka Fashion College, and are backed by solid technology and knowledge, so we will carefully introduce how to thread the needle and attach buttons with lots of photos.
And the charm of Mika * Yuka is playful! A lot of pop coloring and cute characters appear. It is a book that conveys the fun of handicrafts that are fun to make and use.
Author information:
He has authored many books, such as “Basic Lifestyles for Life”, “Basic Lifestyles for Crochet Ami and Bar Needles”, “Handmade Clothes and Goods for Dogs” and “Hand-Knitted Clothes for Cute Dogs”. Bibliographic information
[Image 7d2372-1084-789661-8.jpg
“Reiwa version-the first” Nuu “and” Amu “+ Osaiho”
Mika * Yuka
Released on January 24, 2020
Body 1400 yen + tax
(E-book available)
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