[Makecchi Co., Ltd.] 1371 articles Thorough analysis “Marketing” trend changes read

Makecchi Co., Ltd. 1371 Articles Thorough analysis “Marketing” Trend changes read “Failure” keyword comparison with 3 years ago A rapidly changing marketing industry, including technology, customer / user needs, and viewing media. What will happen in 3 years, 5 years and 10 years later? In order to grasp the trend and trend of trend marketing, we first compared more than 1,300 articles, focusing on the keyword “failure” for comparisons from the past! We compared the key word occurrence rate that combined the key keywords of marketing with failure this year (2019-2018) and 2016. We investigated how marketing trends are likely to change based on articles that contain “failures” that are strongly related to business practices and keywords related to marketing.
◆ Verification method The table below shows the major marketing methods as keywords and categorized by category. [Image 1

Using the keyword and failure for each category as a search condition on Google, the keyword appearance rate is calculated from the top 60 to 100 articles for articles within one year from June 2019 and 2016 articles. Aggregated. * However, articles exceeding 200,000 characters are excluded due to mining tool restrictions. Count the number of keywords that exist in both years from the totaled results, and calculate the difference and the rate of change. Articles with keywords that have a large difference in the rate of change have changed on the Web, and it is possible that the degree of interest is high and the degree of interest in failure is also high.
◆ Summary of verification results The keywords with the highest rate of change by category are listed in the table.
[Image 2

What can be noted is that the rate of appearance of AI has increased in data analysis and personnel resource costs and budgets, and recommendations for branding and EC are increasing. In addition, the appearance rate of consulting also increased in each category. It is profitable that popular words such as Instagram and Twitter SNS words and designs are increasing, but sales activities and sales are increasing because there are many failures in cooperation between departments and it seems to be struggling The The decrease in testing was due to site design failures such as “unclear target” and “design failure”. Therefore, I think that the interest in the design phase was higher than the test phase of site construction.
◆ Details by category The results are sorted in the order of increasing / decreasing rate, and the verification results are summarized in a table centering on keywords excluding parts of speech used in daily conversation. If there is something special to mention, comments are also included. See the full text for details. Click here for the full text https://markecchi-lab.com/marketing_failure/
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