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  • [BFT Co., Ltd.] A special course from BFT Dojo, a practical IT technology training strong in infrastructure training! BFT Dojo for Personal English School

[BFT Co., Ltd.] A special course from BFT Dojo, a practical IT technology training strong in infrastructure training! BFT Dojo for Personal English School

BFT Inc. Special course from “BFT Dojo”, a practical IT technology training strong in infrastructure training! BFT Dojo for Personal English School An English conversation class for individuals has been held since August. …………………………………………………………………………………………… BFT Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Michihiro Kobayashi, hereinafter referred to as “BFT”) is providing “Don’t be” at the practical IT technology training “BFT Dojo” for IT engineers. The special course “BFT Dojo for Personal English Conversation Class” has been held from August on the theme of “shy !!”. BFT Dojo has held English conversation classes for corporate customers so far, but many of our customers have expressed their wishes to begin English conversation. Therefore, an English conversation class will be started once a week in August using the evening time. The theme of English conversation at BFT Dojo is “Do n’t be shy !!”. There may be many people who are not good at speaking English, such as “I can read but I am embarrassed to speak in English”. “BFT Dojo for Personal English Conversation Class” is an English conversation class that can be easily started for such beginners. In this classroom, you will learn basic conversations with the theme of everyday scenes. What I have learned is that I can use it for conversations from the next day. (Every hour during study will be in English.) [Image 1

[Image 2

In developing this training, BFT considered together with Dr. Ryan Scott, a company consultant and English conversation teacher, “why Japanese are not good at speaking English.” What teachers feel strongly about their experiences so far is that there are so many Japanese people who feel embarrassed because they cannot speak well. However, in order to improve English conversation at the same time, the teacher says that “it is necessary to make many opportunities to speak anyway” because it is okay to make mistakes. Prof. Ryan Scott, the main lecturer, is a native Canadian speaker. It has been about 7 years since I came to Japan. Mr. Ryan is very frank and will be teaching to your character so that even beginners can relax and enjoy. BFT Dojo-style English conversation will be held for 60 minutes with “Do n’t be shy! Anyway Let ’s Try to speak in English”. Would you like to start learning English conversation at this opportunity?
■ Start time: Every Wednesday 18: 30 ~ (1 hour)
■ Classroom capacity: 5 people
■ Tuition fee: 4,000 yen
■ English conversation level: Those who can not speak at all-Those who can speak a little * For advanced users, please select another course. <Reservation site[Image 3

[Image 4

◆ Main instructor: Ryan Scott
◆ Profile: From Toronto, Canada / In charge of numerous lessons at companies
◆ Lecture contents: Daily English conversation using business scene [What is BFT Dojo] This educational service started in January 2017 and has been attended by more than 200 people so far. The training of BFT Dojo is based on the concept of nurturing engineers who can really play an active role, aiming to develop to a state where they can investigate and work on their own. All training contents are actually developed based on the know-how that BFT has cultivated in the project. For this reason, even the training to learn one technical element is based on the actual system configuration, so it can understand the necessary peripheral technology. In addition, the instructor is in charge of the active SE, so you can learn live knowledge instead of desk theory. [Image 5

————————————————– ————— Three courses of “BFT Dojo” ・ Trepura: Practical technical training for new graduates and young employees Steadily acquire knowledge through one-on-one guidance ・ Ginotre learned trend technology Technical acquisition in a full day in hands-on format ・ Choitre: Select from a variety of courses, flat-rate system, ticket system 3 hours training in school format ————————————————– ————— 【Company Profile】 Company name BFT Inc. Date of establishment April 4, 2002 Capital 99.9 million yen Representative Director Kobayashi Michihiro Number of employees: 380 (as of April 2019) Address: Marunouchi North Exit Building, 22F, 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan Official HP http://www.bfts.co.jp/ BFT is a “company that creates people and systems”. In addition to creating systems, we are also committed to developing human resources who are involved in systems, with the aim of realizing a more affluent society. (1) Infrastructure infrastructure construction, server environment construction, network environment construction, cloud environment construction (2) System development Open system development (3) Educational service “BFT Dojo” Trepla Ginotre Choitre

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