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  • [New publication] It is rather “male” that hopes will not come true with the feeling of “still young”! “A Lifetime Single Society” that can be read with data

[New publication] It is rather “male” that hopes will not come true with the feeling of “still young”! “A Lifetime Single Society” that can be read with data

Treasure Island Co., Ltd. [New publication] It is rather “male” that hopes will not come true with the feeling of “still young”! “A Lifetime Single Society” that can be read with data -Expert report on the issue of declining birthrate! -The true reason why the number of “people who don’t get married” increases … [Image 1

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoichi Hasumi) on July 29, 2019, released “Lifelong Single Society that can be read with data”. “Children’s room uncle” “Ant and grasshopper action version” “Time lag type polygamy” It was the first marriage age consciousness of men, not women, that affected fertility rates! According to the 2015 census, the “lifetime unmarried rate”, which indicates the percentage of people aged 50 who have never been married, is 1 in 4 for men and 1 in 7 for women. Then “unmarried” is rapidly progressing. On the other hand, according to some data, 90% of men and women answered that they had a desire to marry. This book is the content of a deeper life in a “single life society” where the number of people who can’t get married is increasing. The “poverty issue” and “higher education of women” that are cited as the cause of unmarried are actually “misunderstood”. This is a book about the realities of Japanese society that can be attributed to various problems such as beliefs, parent-child relationships, and the way companies are. [Image 2

“A Lifetime Single Society” that can be read with data List price: 800 yen + tax, sales date: July 29, 2019 ============================ The real reason why the number of “people who do n’t get married” is increasing! It is rather a “male” that hopes will not come true with the feeling of “still young” ============================
■ Unmarried, women are more serious than men ⇒ mistakes! The lifetime unmarried rate for men is 24.2%. 14.9% of women. In the late 20s, the rate of unmarried women begins to drop significantly. Men think that “I’m still young” and “I’m impatient about women”, when I was in my late 30s, “That child” who was interested was also a married woman! That happens!
■ Decreasing the number of children of the couple led to a declining birthrate ⇒ mistake! The average number of couples’ children has not changed for over 30 years. Caused by an increase in the number of singles!
■ An increasing number of young men and women think that “I don’t want to get married” & “I don’t want children” ⇒ Mistakes! 90% of young single men and women aged 18 to 34 are going to get married sometime! For both unmarried men and women, the average number of children wishing for the last 20 years has not changed from an average of two!
■ Highly educated women now prefer men and become harder to marry ⇒ Mistakes! About 30% of college graduates are married to men with lower educational background than themselves. Even if you are a university graduate, There are already 30% of women who don’t care! And this ratio is increasing every survey. There is no difference in the marriage rate between junior college graduates and younger women!
■ Decreasing the number of full-time housewives led to a declining birthrate ⇒ Mistake! The percentage of households without children is about 34% for full-time housewives and about 32% for dual-income households. 49% of full-time housewives households with children have one child, and the most common part-time household is two, with 44%. Double-income households have a higher rate of children and more people.
■ Men don’t have to give birth, so even if your marriage is late, you will be given a child. The fertility rate decreases as the age of the first marriage of a man increases, and the degree of severeness remains the same as that of a woman. It can be said that the birth rate affects men’s first marriage age consciousness, which comes only later than women, because they are still young in the marriage market. Men who want a child but don’t have a partner aren’t awarded, so a man whose number of unmarried people greatly exceeds that of women in his late 20s is a position where he should be concerned about age. If you want children, you need to get married early!
■ Men can marry young women even when they are older ⇒Miss! The marriage of the first married couple whose husband is 7 years or older than his wife is 10% of the total. 2 out of 5 remarried men are over 7 years old Married young woman. A “time lag type polygamy” has occurred, and in the marriage of the year, remarried men overwhelmed Has become! In addition, one out of every four is married to his wife. The percentage is higher than that of marriages of the same generation, and it can be said that it is natural for men to get older The situation is gone. Men rather than women are at a higher risk of having their feelings of being “still young” when their hopes come true!
■ The reason for the high rate of living with relatives is that children are becoming less independent. Even if a child becomes a member of society, less than 60% of parents answered “I want to be close to me”. About 1 in 2 respondents said their parents intend to interfere with their child’s marriage. “Poison Parent” Accelerates Unmarried Japan !? [Image 3

Author: Kanako Amano Profile Associate chief researcher, Life Research Department, Nissei Basic Research Institute. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics. Japan Securities Analysts Association Certified Analyst (CMA). Joined Nippon Life Insurance Company in 1995. Seconded to the company’s think tank in 1999. Specializes in social issues related to measures to reduce birthrate and declining birthrate. Marriage and childbirth after a survey related to the Childcare Leave Act of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Mother with one child. Experience in fertility treatment and long-term care. Under the motto of interdisciplinary research, in addition to writing and lecture activities to disseminate the “accurate knowledge” necessary for living, committee members related to measures to combat the declining birthrate of the Cabinet Office, measures to reduce declining birthrate, and support for marriage by local governments and corporations Serves as a data utilization advisor.

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