Shibuya Station’s new spot, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, will open two stores simultaneously on December 5th, 2019 at Shibuya, an adult retreat, Shikihi-nabe Hanabibaiwa, and a modern yakitori / Gibier x national sake “Yakitori Arakiyama”

Tokyo Restaurant Factory Shibuya Station’s new spot, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, will open two stores simultaneously on December 5th, 2019 at Shibuya, an adult retreat, Shikihi-nabe Hanabibaiwa, and a modern yakitori / Gibier x national sake “Yakitori Arakiyama” Tokyo Restaurant Tsu Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hitoshi Watanabe), whose mission is “Creating Japanese fans,” is “Tokyu Plaza Shibuya,” which opens in the commercial facility zone of “Shibuya Fuclas” On December 5, 2019, two stores were opened simultaneously for adult retreat “Shikihi Nabe Hanabioniwa” and modern yakitori / jibier x national sake (Japanese wine / sake) Yakitori Arakiyama. [Image 1

■ Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Facility Overview Tokyu Plaza Shibuya is a commercial facility on the 2nd to 8th floors and the 17th and 18th floors of the complex building “Shibuya Fuclas” of this project that integrates the former Tokyu Plaza Shibuya site and the adjacent block. As a “Shibuya Square where adults gather,” we propose a new lifestyle called “MELLOW LIFE” targeting adults with matured urban sensitivity. “MELLOW LIFE” is a lifestyle that values ​​“goodness of the real, essential, universal” and enjoys accumulating time and maturity. As a commercial facility that transmits a new lifestyle, instead of unilaterally providing customers with traditional things and things, new solutions that allow customers to become closer to their lives as a “partner” by providing solutions and experiences Aim for a facility.
Adult retreat “Shiki hot pot (Hanaeniwa)” Tokyo, Hiroo, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 7F Authentic Chinese cuisine “Shikihi Nabe Hanabien”, which is popular with many customers, mainly entertainers and celebrities from various fields, as an adult retreat in Hiroo, Tokyo. You can enjoy Chinese cuisine using seasonal ingredients, with the main ingredient being the medicinal “Yakuen Hi-nabe” using carefully selected ingredients and seasonal ingredients. Because we continue to pursue high quality in all aspects such as taste, arrangement, service, and space, we are reminiscent of foodies with a strong tongue. “Yakuen hot pot” with spicy and delicious taste [Image 2

The medicinal casserole that can be enjoyed with a variety of ingredients that you can enjoy from three kinds of meat such as black pork loin produced in Kagoshima Prefecture, domestic beef loin and lamb roast, vegetables and rice cakes is exquisite. There are two types of medicinal extract that permeates the body: Sichuan style based on chicken soup and Sashimi soup taken from dried scallops. A highly transparent soup with less miscellaneous taste and smell is the result of a commitment to ingredients and skill. A dim sum carefully wrapped by a dim sum [Image 3

In addition to authentic Chinese cuisine that uses plenty of seasonal ingredients, you can also taste the small bonito and dim sum that are carefully wrapped one by one, with the skill and skill of skilled dim sum. [Image 4

[Image 5

In-store image
Modern Yakitori / Gibier × National Sake (Japanese Wine / Sake) Yakitori Arakiyama (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 7th Floor) Yakitori Arakiyama is a natural, high-quality space that is inspired by a lodge that forgets the bustle of the city. From raw materials, skewering, burning, and seasoning, you can taste carefully selected yakitori and gibier with sake and wine pairing. “Modern Yakitori / Gibier” and “Seasonal Cooking” [Image 6

“Yakitori Jibier” is a craftsman carefully skewering one by one and grilling with Bincho charcoal, considering “the beauty of appearance” and “the balance of meat and skewers”. We will provide it to customers with excellent timing from baking to delivery. In addition to pottery, creative Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy a variety of dishes no matter how many times you visit. [Image 7

Sake and Japanese wine, carefully selected by the master liquor and sommelier Sake and wine are purchased according to the cuisine and season. You can also enjoy the perfect sake according to the cuisine. Private room with lively counter and entertainment In addition to the “counter” where you can enjoy the splendid handiwork of a skilled potter in front of you, we have a private room that is perfect for dates and entertainment. You can use it according to your scene. [Image 8

Insulation image of the store interior ————————————————– Store overview ————————————————– □ Store name: “Four Seasons Hot Pot Hanabi Garden” [Image 9

□ Genre: Hot pot, Dim Sum, Chinese food □ Location: 1-38 Dogenzaka (Shiban), Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (7th floor, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya) □ Regular holiday: Same as facility □ Assumed budget: Lunch budget 1,000 to 1,500 yen ♪ Dinner budget 5,000 to 6,000 yen □ Opening date: December 5, 2019 □ Store name: “Yakitori Arakiyama” [Image 10

□ Genre: Yakitori, creative Japanese food □ Location: 1-38 Dogenzaka (Shiban), Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (7th floor, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya) □ Regular holiday: Same as facility □ Estimated budget: Lunch budget: 1,700 to 3,000 yen デ ィ ナ ー Dinner budget 8,000 yen to 10,000 yen □ Opening date: December 5, 2019
Tokyo Restaurant Factory [Image 11

Under the mission of “creating Japanese fans,” “Toriko,” which created a new scene of yakitori called “luxury yakitori x world wine”, and the new value of sake, “sake with hot sake” With a focus on high-class Japanese dishes such as “Nuru Sasato”, we have developed a wide range of business styles from Michelin to Class B gourmet to suit the market in the store area. “Japan QUALITY” such as “Commitment to Monozukuri”, “Beautiful aesthetics” and “Consciousness to snuggle up to each other” that Japan is appreciated from all over the world. We aim to make. Starting with the first overseas store in Taiwan, in 2017, “MIFUNE New York” and “Sushi AMANE”, the shortest Michelin star in history, were opened simultaneously in New York. did. We are aiming to become a global company that challenges the creation of Japanese fans by sending “JAPAN QUALITY” to the world in the field of the global restaurant industry. -“Japanese cuisine” and “Japanese food craftsmen” from Japan to the world- Under the title of “Japanese food: Japanese traditional food culture”, “Japanese food” registered in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage is highly regarded and booming around the world. Our goal is to increase the number of Japanese cuisine chefs who can play an active role in various countries around the world. In addition, we will communicate the splendor of the “occupation” of Japanese cuisine and cooks to the Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020. Internal system to improve career Our company has a wide range of business fields from Michelin to B-class gourmet, focusing on high-class Japanese dishes such as “Toriko” of “High-class Yakitori x World Wine” and “Nuruyu Sato” enjoying Japanese sake at a temperature. It is feasible to form a career. ・ Professional server development A cover survey is conducted for all QSC * surveys, and the “TRF NO1 Grand Prix” is held once a year to compete for QSC scores. In addition, we invite outside lecturers once a month to conduct training to improve QSC. We have a backup system in which not only employees but also part-time workers participate in the “S1 Server Grand Prix” every year, and the 14th S1 Server Grand Prix has produced participants in the national competition. Won the jury special award. [Image 12

TRF NO1 Grand Prix holding pattern
・ Development of Japanese food craftsmen We have established a training system for Japanese food craftsmen that allows even inexperienced staff to acquire practical high-level skills. Advanced techniques other than daily practice, such as monthly “Culinary Technology Examination Training”, where you can learn highly specialized cooking techniques, and the annual “Cooker Contest”, which encourages chefs to create creative ideas. It is possible to learn. In addition, we have established an in-house system that allows you to step up according to your desired career, such as “free English conversation lessons” that support overseas staff for all staff. * QSC: Q: Quality (quality), S: Service (service), C: Cleanliness (cleanliness) [Image 13

[Image 14

Sustainable food The world’s famous chefs praise “French cuisine” and “Japanese cuisine” amid the world’s different cooking methods. Japanese cuisine is so much appreciated around the world. Unfortunately, in Japan, the number of cooks of Japanese cuisine, including sushi, is decreasing. If we do not change the current situation, we believe that there is no future for Japanese food registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. “12. Responsibility to be Created” in the “SDGs / 17 goals to change the world” challenge for sustainable development adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 and started in 169 countries since 2016 To accept the “responsibility to use” and protect the “JAPAN QUALITY” of the delicate and warm customer service of Japanese food created by the identity of Japanese people, we accept employment overseas and play an active role not only in Japan but around the world We will continue to make efforts to nurture young Japanese who can.
Domestic main brand [Image 15

“ Premium Yakitori x World Wine “ Toriko ” [Image 16

Sole temperature drink of sake “Nuru Sasato” ————————————————– —————————-
■ Company name: Tokyo Restaurant Factory
■ Establishment: June 15, 2003
■ Location: Murata Building 2F, 2-22-7 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0044
■ Representative: Hitoshi Watanabe
■ Phone number: 03-6407-1066
■ Capital: 45 million yen
■ Sales: 4.3 billion yen (as of the end of July 2018)
■ Number of employees: 840 (240 employees, part-time job part-time 600) as of April 2018
■ Business description: Restaurant management
■ Development brands in Japan: “Toriko”, “Nurusato Sato”, “Torishin”, “Kato no Mikumaru / Ogawa Nounimaru” “The Soji Kiyoyasu Residence”, “The Soji Matsurokuya”, “Ginkuma Charyo”, “The Restaurant Mifune” “Akasaka Niya”, “HOMES’BAR 48”, “PIZZAMAN TOKYO”, “APPPLE SALAD” “Flower Garden”, “Campire Camp Scandinavian Camp”, “Yakiton Eight” “Kamiya Style Hakata Dojo” etc. 27 brands in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Osaka, Karuizawa Overseas: New York, USA “MIFUNE New York”, “sushiAMANE” “Toriko Toriko NY” Taipei, Taiwan “Tokyo Tamachi Toshin”, “Era 1931”
■ Number of stores: 67 stores: 62 stores in Japan, 5 stores overseas (3 stores in NY, 2 stores in Taiwan)
■ URL: 【group company】 Company name: Tokyo Restaurants Factory International NY Inc. Established October 10, 2014 Location: 245 E, 44th Street, New York, NY 10017 Representative Director Hitoshi Watanabe Capital US $ 100,000 Business description: Restaurant management Company name: Tokyo Restaurant Factory International Taiwan Established May 15, 2013 Location: Taipei City, Zhongshan 區 Nanjing East Road, 1st Floor 31 巷 6 號 1 樓 Basement 1, 2 樓 Representative Director Hitoshi Watanabe TEL 010-8862-7745-8220 Capital: NT $ 3,000,000 Business description: Restaurant management Tokyo Restaurant Factory Co., Ltd. Telephone: 03-6407-1066 Email address: FAX: 03-6407-1067

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