[Vivit Co., Ltd.] “Outdoor certification” has started to acquire knowledge and skills to enjoy outdoor leisure more!

vivit corporation “Outdoor certification” that can acquire knowledge, technique to enjoy outdoor leisure more is started! Aiming to develop human resources to disseminate outdoor leisure and raise awareness of proper manners Vivit Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s largest outdoor media “hinata”, has announced that the Outdoor Association, which is a member of the association’s main member, has begun an “Outdoor Certification” that allows them to acquire basic knowledge and skills in the outdoors. To do. vivit Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Toshimi Mizutani, hereinafter vivit) has been working on enlightenment of outdoor culture with an emphasis on outdoor media in the outdoor web service “hinata”. The outdoor media hinata, which celebrated four years since its release in June 2019, recorded the highest number of monthly visitors in August 2019, and the outdoor equipment rental service hinata rental was 6 It is used by more than twice as many customers. At the same time that the increase in camping beginners has become remarkable, we have released “Outdoor Certification” which is mainly aimed at improving camping literacy in order to further establish the outdoor activities as a sustainable activity without becoming a temporary boom. [Image 1

Outdoor certification logo Camper manners are a concern with the excitement of the outdoor scene Due to the increase in the number of “ Solo camp ” users who enjoy camping by one person and the increase in demand for “ winter camp ”, the camp population in 2018 was 8.5 million people, surpassing the previous year for the sixth consecutive year, and continued to grow steadily It is. Opportunities to take up camps in various media are increasing, and the exposure of the outdoors on the Internet, including video sites, is increasing. (Excerpt from Japan Auto Camp Association “Auto Camp White Paper 2019”) On the other hand, with the excitement of the outdoor scene, the problem of camper manners has become conspicuous. The problem that basic knowledge and manners in camping such as making loud noises until midnight even after the turn-off time, scorching the lawn without using a bonfire, not sorting garbage, etc. have not penetrated beginners In response to this, at vivit, we thought that the outdoor information sender should work more actively on enlightenment activities. [Image 2

Source: Inagawa River homepage Examination contents covering everything from basic outdoor knowledge to good manners The “Outdoor Test” is a test aimed at cultivating human resources who can acquire the basic knowledge and techniques to enjoy outdoor leisure more and disseminate the information to disseminate outdoor leisure in general. The test covers the following contents. ・ Knowledge: Systematic understanding of outdoor activities, knowledge acquisition ・ Technology: Understanding technology and principles related to the outdoors ・ Risk management: Acquisition of knowledge about risk management ・ Manners: Understanding and enlightening manner rules The knowledge gained through outdoor certification learning not only expands the options for outdoor activities, but also increases leisure enjoyment, enabling even more fulfilling activities. Successful person benefits Discount tickets that can be used by the XEBIO Group will be distributed to those who passed the outdoor certification. In the future, we plan to increase the number of passing benefits. [Image 3

Outdoor certification certificate Aiming to train human resources to promote outdoor leisure “Outdoor certification” can be used to improve the skills of those who are active in the outdoor industry. The content that can be used for employee education and human resource development, such as being able to use the knowledge gained in outdoor certification learning to trigger conversations with customers and to respond to questions from visiting customers It is. I hope that people who are related to outdoor leisure can use it widely. Outline of “Outdoor Certification” Outdoor certification URL http://outdoor-leisure-association.com/ [Image 4

Outdoor certification overview * In the future, we plan to increase the variations of the 2nd grade and 1st grade. * Please apply from the above outdoor verification URL. Vivit will continue to contribute to the realization of a more prosperous society through the outdoor business activities.
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