[Surohappi Co., Ltd.] “Slow & Happy” SNS site “Slow & Happy” information officially opened

Sulohapi Co., Ltd. “Slow & Happy” SNS site officially open -“Free and relaxed and fun time!” Information transmission type SNS “Slow & Happy” for middle-aged seniors from their 50s who will reach their second week in their 100th year- Surohappi Co., Ltd. is for members in their 50s who will be in the second week of their “100 years of life”, and members (free) are free to use under the theme of “fixed life” and “end of life from their 50s” An SNS for middle-aged senior citizens who can send information and post photos will be officially opened on September 16th on Respect for the Aged Day. [Image 1

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In the “100 years of life” such as the problem of pension 20 million yen, extension of retirement age, reduction of pension age, etc., it will be the second week of life from the 50s, various things such as money and health different from the first week, parental care, etc. We are waiting for a serious problem. Under these circumstances, the words “lifetime” and “end-of-life” are prevalent, and an increasing number of people look back on their first week and seek their second week. According to a survey, the top of what you want to do in Second Life in your 50s survey is overwhelmingly “re-learning”. Information about seniors who are now becoming social problems by sharing their experiences on this SNS, such as what they re-learned for such generations, their hobbies, health, money, working, etc. We aim to create an SNS for middle-aged senior citizens who can eliminate the disparity (digital divide) and allow members to relive the same generation. The smartphone usage rate for seniors has been increasing year by year, and the smartphone usage rate for those in their 50s has exceeded 50%. However, usage is limited to contact (LINE), telephone calls, Internet search, and cameras. Although it is expected as an effective communication tool in an aging society, there are only a limited number of seniors who are still using it. In “Slow & Happy”, you can easily post photos from your smartphone with “IMADOKI”. You will get used to SNS using smartphones, and then you will be able to share your experiences and hobbies in the second week as a BLOG By posting the life of, it is designed so that other members can relive that person. You can “Like” or “Comment” on the posted Imadoki (photo) or BLOG (article). Each user has their own My Page, which is good for their own posts! If a comment is added, it will be notified by “Notification” in My Page. In addition, it is possible to “follow” a specific user, so if you find a user that suits your taste, you can follow, and when you visit the user’s My Page, you can view a list of photos and blogs posted by that user Is possible. Since the site administrator is qualified as a consultant of the Lifetime Counselors Association and Lifelong Council and is also a member of both organizations, we will expand the membership to the same consultants and lifelong instructors in the future, We want to make it a site where “experts for life-saving” can disseminate information about life-saving. “Slow & Happy” will be aimed at 10,000 members for the time being, but we are planning to develop a digital ending note that can be integrated with social networking services and add items whenever you want. [Image 3

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Slohapi Co., Ltd. has retired as a representative director of a company that has been in business for 15 years since the start of business at the age of 58 and 11 months. It is a senior entrepreneur start-up that was founded under the catchphrase of “Freely and relaxed and enjoyable time!” Trade name: Sulohapi Corporation Representative: Takashi Saito, Representative Director Location: 170-0005, 3-52-10 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Imai Fifth Building Established: April 1, 2019 URL: https://slowhappy.jp/ Contact: inquiry@slowhappy.jp Business description: 1. Information provision and information processing services via the Internet Operation of SNS site “Slow & Happy” for middle seniors Digital ending note service 2.Providing seminars and various services related to “lifetime” and “lifetime” SNS “Slow & Happy” site for middle seniors https://slowhappy.jp/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Slowhappy.jp/

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