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  • [POL Co., Ltd.] POL Co., Ltd. operated by LabBase raises 1 billion yen in Series A. Invests in marketing and personnel enhancement

[POL Co., Ltd.]
POL Co., Ltd. operated by LabBase raises 1 billion yen in Series A. Invests in marketing and personnel enhancement

POL Co., Ltd. LabBase-operated POL Co., Ltd. raises 1 billion yen in Series A. Invests in marketing and personnel enhancement …………………………………………………………………………………………… POL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Noriaki Kamo), which offers a new graduate recruitment service “LabBase” that can scout excellent science students based on research content, is Spiral Ventures Japan, We are pleased to inform you that we have raised 1 billion yen in a series A round of capital increase through third-party allotment underwritten by Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd., Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd., BEENEXT Pte.Ltd, and PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd. .
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From left, Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Maeda, BEENEXT Pte.Ltd, Mr. Chiba, Spiral Ventures Japan Mr. Chiba, Mr. Kamo, Mr. Ito Nakaoka, Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. Mr. Sekiguchi, Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.
■ Purpose of financing LabBase has grown to become a recruitment service for science students with the largest share in Japan in about two and a half years since the service started in February 2017, surpassing 15,000 registered students and 140 companies. It was. In March 2019, we released a researcher database “LabBase X” that accelerates collaboration between industry and academia. The funds raised this time will be used mainly for strengthening the marketing and personnel required for the business growth of LabBase. In order to strengthen marketing, we will continue to expand the use of excellent companies seeking to meet excellent science students. In terms of personnel enhancement, we will develop services that improve the matching accuracy and usability between students and companies, and expand support systems for students and companies. There are many challenges in the research-related market. In addition to “LabBase” and “LabBase X”, we will continue to create LabTech (Research x Technology) business group that solves researcher’s problems with technology. Our vision is to create a platform that maximizes the potential of researchers, and our mission is to accelerate the future.
■ Underwriting ・ Spiral Ventures Japan ・ PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd. ・ CyberAgent Inc. (Fujita Fund) ・ Beyond Next Ventures Inc. ・ BEENEXT Pte. Ltd This time, we received the highest fund from Spiral Ventures Japan. Also, PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd., Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd., Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. and BEENEXT Pte. Ltd will be invested following the previous round.
■ Underwriting comments Spiral Ventures Japan This time, as the lead investor in the POL Series A round, I invested the maximum amount of the fund. Reasons include the social significance as a platform for promoting science and technology, the strong and flexible organizational capabilities, and the excellent and charming representative Kamo-san. I feel a great sense of crisis that Japan’s position as a science and technology nation is in jeopardy. POL is convinced that it has the potential to build industrial infrastructure that accelerates Japanese innovation by solving and empowering the fundamental issues surrounding researchers. PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd. One of the reasons for deciding to invest is sympathy with the vision of creating a mechanism that empowers researchers. I think the shape of universities and researchers will evolve in the future. Now, the more specialized people, the lower the utilization rate, and I think there are many ways for researchers to solve the problem in order to give more value to society. I sympathized with POL, which is making future software for such a domain, and decided to invest. I hope that the society will be more rewarding for science and researchers. Cyber ​​Agent Inc. We invested from the Fujita Fund with the aim of supporting young managers. I feel the potential of Kamo-san’s humanity, who can balance the younger generation of science students and the adult generation of researchers, and this large business domain with Japanese open innovation. I truly believe that I am the right manager to take on challenges in this area. Beyond Next Ventures Inc. Our company, which supports the commercialization of university startups, is strongly sympathetic with POL’s vision of supporting researchers. This is a wonderful team that has both a sense of speed and stability, including President Kamo’s execution ability and Yoshida’s management ability. So far, we have steadily executed the initial plan, and we decided to make an additional investment this time. BEENEXT Pte.Ltd One of the reasons for deciding to invest is the quality of the members who run the company and the members who belong to the company. About two years have passed since the investment was made in the early days of the company, but during that time, I was watching Kamo-san and other members around me. And everyone is honest. I thought it would be a really good company. So, this time I made an additional investment. Another reason is the uniqueness of the business. If this company goes well, I think that Japan will really be improved, and if people, knowledge, and research are released in Japan, and collaboration with companies and society increases, innovation will progress, The speed at which social and economic issues are resolved will increase. I think that it is a company that wants you to succeed.
■ Comment from POL representative Kamo All investors. Thank you for your evaluation and sympathy for POL. Together, we are pursuing vision and corporate growth, and we want to give a big return. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the customers and users who use the service on a daily basis and all the POL members who are working hard. The future of POL depends greatly on how to use the funds raised. Don’t waste any money, but boldly invest where you should invest. I would like to have a strong management with sharpness. About LabBase “LabBase” is a direct recruiting type job hunting service specializing in science, in which students can receive scouts from companies simply by writing their research content and skills on the database. Students can learn about companies that can make use of their expertise while continuing their research. On the other hand, companies can directly approach excellent and specialized students who cannot reach job hunting services such as general navigation sites. LabBase: https://labbase.jp/
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□ About LabBase X “LabBase X” is a service that matches companies and researchers through a database of 290,000 researchers in Japan, a database of technology seeds, and technology search by 400 doctoral personnel. Researchers who were not blessed with their own research opportunities and funding can meet with partners who have been struggling to find researchers as partners for joint research. LabBase X (Lab Base Cross): https://material.labbase.jp/x/business
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Company profile Company name: POL Co., Ltd. Representative: Noriaki Kamo, Representative Director and CEO Established: September 23, 2016 Capital: 518,130,500 yen (including capital reserve) Location: 9th floor, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Corporate website: https://pol.co.jp/ □ Representative profile Representative Director and CEO Michiaki Kamo Graduated from Sakai Junior High School and Senior High School. Closed for 3 years at the University of Tokyo. Starting in high school, POL was founded in September 2016 after a long internship at three domestic and overseas companies. LabBase, a new graduate recruitment service that can scout high-quality science students based on research content, in order to solve the problems of researchers and science students and accelerate the development of science and society in the LabTech (Research x Technology) field, It operates a researcher database “LabBase X” that accelerates industry-academia collaboration and a media “Lab-On” that designs the future of research.

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