[Tamaki Home Co., Ltd.] Opened “WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo Head Office”

Tamaki Home Co., Ltd. Opened “WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo Head Office” …………………………………………………………………………………………… Tamaki Home Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, President: Kimiyuki Tamaki, hereinafter “Tamaki Home”), which deals with real estate development, management, distribution, private accommodation business, and construction sales, is based in Okinawa. The WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo headquarters was established on October 1, 2019, with the aim of developing business in the Tokyo area, utilizing the real estate business know-how cultivated in Okinawa. I will do it. [Image 1

■ Background of the opening of “WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo Head Office” Tamaki Home has a base in Okinawa Prefecture, and has been expanding its business mainly in Okinawa Prefecture. However, as with the Okinawa area, it is expected that demand will increase further in the future in anticipation of further business expansion. In the Tokyo area, we have set up the first Tokyo base in Tamaki Home.
■ Mission of “WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo Head Office” We will expand our brokerage business, currently based in Okinawa Prefecture, to the Tokyo area, and aim to make the business profitable by 2021. As in Okinawa, we will strive to make detailed proposals tailored to customers in the Tokyo area, where the need for safe and secure real estate distribution and transactions is increasing. [Name] WING LEAP HOUSE Tokyo Head Office [Location] 2-10, Shirakawa 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 2nd floor [Phone number] 03-5621-2828 [Opening date] October 1, 1980 【Logo】 [Image 2

■ About Tamaki Home Centered on sales and management of condominiums under our own brand, we are engaged in brokerage and management of rental properties, renovation work as ancillary business, and construction business as contracting for a group company. Our own-brand condominium is under the name of “Wing Chateau” and is being developed in Okinawa Prefecture where the head office is located. There are approximately 800 condominiums as of September 2019, mainly for families such as 3LDK and 4LDK. About 4,000 units have been sold for homes, houses and apartments. [Company name] Tamaki Home Co., Ltd. [Headquarters] 1-12-8 Yodogawa, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture [Phone number] 098-831-9285 [Representative Director] Kimiyuki Tamaki [Establishment date] November 1998 [Capital] 99 million yen [URL] www.tamaki-home.co.jp/

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