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  • [A Solutions Co., Ltd.] Monex Saison Vanguard Investment Advisor “MSV COMPASS +”, support for new introduction of the second company

[A Solutions Co., Ltd.] Monex Saison Vanguard Investment Advisor “MSV COMPASS +”, support for new introduction of the second company


A Solutions Co., Ltd. Monex Saison Vanguard Investment Advisor “MSV COMPASS +”, support for new introduction of the second company …………………………………………………………………………………………… A Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yukio Araki, A Solutions) is Monex Saison Vanguard Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President) : Nakamura, Y. Shigeru, MSV Investment Advisor), a new discretionary asset management service “MSV COMPASS +”, using the customer management system “A’s MILION (R)” to expand some functions and support implementation. I will inform you. [Image 1

1. Background to construction As a system development partner for MSV investment advisors, A-Solutions supports MSV LIFE (online robot advisor), a discretionary investment management service provided by MSV investment advisors, from the development stage. “MSV LIFE” is a service scheme in which an affiliated financial institution manages brokerage and account management for discretionary investment contracts. As an affiliated financial institution, it is possible to introduce a robot advisor without leaking customer assets. The MSV Investment Advisors have introduced the A’s MILION (R) package system provided by A-Solutions as a customer management business solution that has been at the heart of MSV LIFE since its launch. MSV Investment Advisors started offering a new discretionary investment management service “MSV COMPASS +” that can enjoy the benefits of both face-to-face services and robot advisors from January this year. “ Personal support that is unique to human beings ” is required. When an asset management plan is formulated or after-sales follow-up, sales staff use a dedicated screen equipped with a “ robot advisor ” to meet customers and worry about customers. Snuggle up. By utilizing the power of digital for operations management processes and communication through customer-specific My Page, we have realized low fees while maintaining high convenience. With the provision of the “MSV COMPASS +” service, A Solutions has supported the business needs of MSV investment advisors by flexibly responding to necessary system modifications. Okachi Securities Co., Ltd. (the head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President and Representative Director Yasuhiko Okachi, hereinafter referred to as Okaji Securities), which is the second company handling “MSV COMPASS +”, has been available from October 1, 2019. Based on this track record, A Solutions will continue to support the introduction of “MSV LIFE” and “MSV COMPASS +” to each partner financial institution, and sincerely devoted to maintenance and operation. 2.Overview of construction The following is an outline of the main system construction that A Solutions has introduced to MSV with the construction of “MSV COMPASS +”. 1. Supporting the construction of a dedicated site for partner financial institutions 2. Customization of customer management system “A ’s MILION (R)” 3. Features of the discretionary investment management service “MSV COMPASS +” The features of “MSV COMPASS +” that MSV has started providing are as follows. 1. Minimum investment amount: 100,000 yen, reserve and withdrawal are possible from 10,000 yen 2. Real cost: About 1.525% of assets under management (annual rate and tax excluded) 3. A hybrid investment discretionary asset management service that combines the power of robots and humans 4. Aim for stable management while reducing risk through long-term diversified investment 5. Consistent support from asset planning to goal achievement 6. Wide range of customer operation needs such as accumulation and withdrawal (For details, Okachi Securities started handling the new discretionary asset management service “MSV COMPASS +” that combines “robot advisor” and “human support” from October 1.) https://prod-msvip-corp.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/ResourcesBucket/news/20191001_2.pdf (Reference) How MSV COMPASS + works MSV investment advisors are dedicated to discretionary investment management, while Okachi Securities is responsible for mediation and account management for customers. [Image 2

4.Company overview Ordering company overview [Image 3

[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/29214/table/13_1.jpg”>

Ordering company overview [Image 4

[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/29214/table/13_2.jpg”>

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