UNICEF Smartphone Summit Held in 6 cities nationwide-How children interact with the Internet-

Japan UNICEF Association UNICEF Smartphone Summit Held in 6 cities nationwide-How children interact with the Internet-[Press Release] 10/20 Kurume, 11/9 Kumamoto, 11/17 Tsukuba, 12/8 Tsu, 1/25 Kobe, 2/23 Tokyo [Image

(c) UNICEF_UN014974_Estey The Japan UNICEF Association (Chairman: Ryoko Akamatsu) has collaborated with the Social Media Study Group (Representative: Associate Professor Kazuo Takeuchi, Hyogo Prefectural University) from this month to February next year. We will hold “UNICEF Smart Summit” to discuss solutions. Digital technology has changed the world in which we live. Children who are disadvantaged because of poverty, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or geographical isolation, when used correctly and accessible to everyone, have various opportunities. You can gain and build a better future. On the other hand, it is also true that the spread of the Internet exposes children to various risks, such as misuse of personal information, access to harmful content, and online bullying. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), which has been focusing on both the new possibilities and risks that the Internet brings to children, has been an adult (government) related to the Internet through the World Children’s White Paper 2017 that was released in December 2017. To make the Internet space a safer place for children and accessible to everyone by taking action together, as well as “digital natives”, as well as children, companies, organizations, researchers, and parents) In various countries, we are promoting activities focusing on the participation and empowerment of children and young people who will lead the next generation. The UNICEF Smart Summit is a network of knowledge and knowledge that the association has cultivated since the early 2000s in cooperation with many domestic ICT-related businesses and experts, related ministries and agencies, and civil society. Based on this, Sociés is a general incorporated association that has been developing the “Smartphone Summit” mainly in the Kansai area since 2011. With the full cooperation of the Media Media Study Group, children themselves will explore with their friends and surrounding adults the “ideal” relationship between the child and the Internet, as represented by the “smartphone carry-in problem” It is an effort to provide opportunities. The UNICEF Smart Summit will be held in 5 cities nationwide starting in January next year, starting from Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture on January 20. In February next year, the “National Summit” will be held in Tokyo, where the representatives of the children will bring together the results of the discussions in each region and make recommendations. This recommendation will be provided as an opinion of Japanese children to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, which drafts general opinions on children’s rights in the digital environment. If you are a member of the media, I would like you to report on this initiative. Details on each Regional Summit will be announced separately.
■ UNICEF Smartphone Summit
■ Organizer: Japan UNICEF Association, Social Media Study Group (Each smartphone summit is sponsored by the Japan UNICEF Association Regional Organization) Planning and operation cooperation: Ms. Otani Mikiko, Member of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child Hyogo Prefectural University Associate Professor Kazuo Takeuchi (Representative of Social Media Study Group) Schedule: Sunday, October 20, 2019 Kurume-shi, Fukuoka November 9, 2019 (Sat) Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture November 17, 2019 (Sun) Tsukuba, Ibaraki December 8, 2019 (Sun) Tsu City, Mie Prefecture January 25, 2020 (Sat) Kobe, Hyogo February 23, 2020 (Sun) National Convention (UNICEF House) program: Based on the results of questionnaires conducted in advance in the host area, about 24 to 30 middle and high school students (centered on junior high school students) will discuss. The overall theme is the safety and security of children on the Internet. As individual themes, Internet bullying, online encounters, dependence on the Internet, fraud / fake news, and effective use of the Internet are also covered. Kazuo Takeuchi Associate professor at Hyogo Prefectural University and a university student who belongs to the Social Media Study Group are facilitators. Junior high and high school students announced the contents of the morning workshop and discussed the role of adults and children / youth in solving problems. Adults from various local positions participate. Representatives from each region will bring the results together and discuss and make recommendations. Discuss with adults. * * *
■ About UNICEF UNICEF is a United Nations agency that works to promote the rights and healthy growth of all children. Currently, in 190 countries and regions *, we are cooperating with many partners and moving their philosophy into concrete actions in various ways. In particular, we work for all children everywhere in the world, with an emphasis on helping the most difficult children. (Www.unicef.org) * Includes 34 countries and regions where UNICEF National Committee (UNICEF Association) operates. * All UNICEF funds are supported by donations from individuals, companies and organizations, and voluntary contributions from governments in each country.
■ About Japan UNICEF Association The Japan Committee for UNICEF is one of the UNICEF national committees in 34 countries and regions of industrialized countries. It is the only organization in Japan that represents UNICEF. Advocacy). (Www.unicef.or.jp)

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