2019 Japan-Vietnam Coal Seminar

JOGMEC 2019 Japan-Vietnam Coal Seminar …………………………………………………………………………………………… JOGMEC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Tetsuhiro Hosono) was co-sponsored with Vietnam Coal Mineral Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. (VINACOMIN) on October 3rd (Thursday) in Hanoi, Vietnam Japan-Vietnam Coal Seminar ”was held. Japan imports around 6 million tons of high-grade coal (anthracite) used for steelmaking etc. from overseas, but about 10% of the total import volume is imported from Vietnam. It is an important resource supplier for Japan. In recent years, Vietnam has been increasingly supplying domestic coal, mainly anthracite, to Vietnam for power generation due to an increase in power demand accompanying economic development, and coal imports from other countries are increasing. Japan believes that it is important to use strategic coal resources based on the intended use of each type of coal, such as for power generation and steelmaking.This time, JOGMEC has moved to Vietnam to deepen its understanding of basic information on coal. In order to ensure that the Vietnamese government and other related organizations understand the activities of the geological surveys and human resource development projects that are supported, the goal is to continue smooth export of anthracite coal. The “2019 Japan-Vietnam Coal Seminar” was held jointly with VINACOMIN under the auspices of the National Embassy, ​​Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOIT). The seminar included lectures from the Vietnam Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOIT), Vietnam Electric Power Company, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, and representatives of Japan-Vietnam, and the Vietnamese government, Vietnamese coal-related organizations, Japanese government-related organizations, and local Japanese companies Many people involved in coal business participated. JOGMEC will continue to provide useful information for stable supply of coal resources through seminars and surveys. For the latest information on coal resource development, please see “Coal Resource Information” on the JOGMEC website, or register for the mail delivery service “JOGMEC Coal Communications”. In the future, we will continue to enhance development support tools including enhancement of information provision based on requests and opinions from everyone.
● Provision of the latest information on coal resource development Coal resources information website (URL) coal.jogmec.go.jp/ Mail delivery service “JOGMEC Coal Communication” (Coal Resource Information Website) (URL) coal.jogmec.go.jp/mailmagazine/index.html
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Greetings from organizers and co-hosts: VINACOMIN, Director of Vu Thanh Lam
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Greetings from organizers and co-organizers: JOGMEC, Director Ikeda
[Image 3

Guest greetings: Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, Counselor Takehiro Tsuchiya
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Keynote speech: Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOIT) Oil and Gas Coal Department, Trinh Duc Duy Coal Industry Division Director
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Keynote speech: Resource and Fuel Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
[Image 6

Presentation: VINACOMIN, Director of Science Strategy Department, Do Hong Nguyen
[Image 7

Presentation: Vietnam Electric Power Company, Deputy Director of Operation Technology Department, Ta Tuan Anh
[Image 8

Presentation: Kushiro Colemine Co., Ltd., Yoichi Murakami Managing Executive Officer
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Commemorative photo taken at a seminar Click here for release page ↓ http://www.jogmec.go.jp/news/release/news_15_000001_00014.html?mid=pr_191009

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