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Yahoo Group YJFX! Up to 77,777 yen cashback campaign underway with new account opening and transactions

YJFX! Yahoo Group YJFX! Up to 77,777 yen cashback campaign is underway with new account opening and transactions …………………………………………………………………………………………… YJ FX Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda, Tokyo, President: Yoshifumi Matsumoto) will be in the OTC Derivative Transaction “Foreign Currency ex” from September 19 (Thursday) to December 12 (Thursday) 2019 We carry out the following campaign.


YJFX! Holds three campaigns simultaneously to commemorate the 7th year since joining the Yahoo Group. We have implemented one of the largest campaigns we can receive cash back of up to 77,777 yen during the period if each condition is met. No.1 777 yen cashback for all deposits over 50,000 yen * No.2 50,000 yen cashback for 20 people by monthly lottery with new transactions of 10 million currencies * Part 3: Up to 27,000 yen cashback campaign depending on new transaction volume Campaign details page: https://i.yjfx.jp/2pVNV5z * Entry required YJFX! MISSION
● Introducing financial interrogation With the evolution of technology, the environment surrounding financial institutions is changing rapidly. A service that is not satisfied with the current situation, holds “?” In all common sense, and gives “!” To all people. We will add an intertro bang to Japanese finance in the future. ———- Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading Fees and risks Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading is not guaranteed for investment principal or profit. Since transactions with a larger amount than the amount of margin deposited by customers are possible, there is a risk that a loss exceeding the amount of margin deposited will occur depending on changes in prices such as currency or numerical values ​​of financial indicators. In addition, you will receive or pay swap points (interest rate adjustment) depending on the currency you are dealing with. There is a difference (spread) between Bid (sale price) and Ask (purchase price) in the price for each currency presented by the Company. Since spreads may increase due to sudden changes in market conditions, they may be executed at an unfavorable price compared to the time of order placement. In addition, there may be cases where contracts are not made due to reasons such as a decline in market liquidity. Foreign currency deposits are revalued at the rate close at the close of New York every business day. Transaction fees are free. Yahoo Group’s YJFX for FX and binary options! YJ FX Co., Ltd. is a group company of Yahoo Japan Corporation. Financial Instruments Business Operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No.271 Member Association Japan Securities Dealers Association Financial Futures Trading Association Japan Investment Advisors Association

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