Pom Co., Ltd. Official release of “IT office textbook”, specializing in IT office

Pom Co., Ltd.
Official release of “IT office textbook”, a career change support media specializing in IT office
A writer with practical experience in the IT industry writes articles! Deliver more accurate and realistic information ~
Pom Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; representative director: Shinya Kawaura, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), which handles the web media business, is an IT office textbook that specializes in changing jobs to IT offices (URL: https://it-job.me/) has been released.


◆ Background of opening the site:
In recent years, in Japan’s IT industry, the shortage of human resources has become serious due to the increasing IT needs in all industries. According to an estimate by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it is expected that the number of IT human resources (persons belonging to IT companies and user company information system departments) will be shorted by 366,000 in 2020 and 789,000 in 2030 . In the future, the diversification and sophistication of IT
utilization is expected to continue, so it is important for Japan to develop and secure IT human resources over the medium to long term. Against this background, the government and companies are making various efforts and support for the development and securing of IT human resources. There is a system in place that can aim for. On the other hand, because of the image and preconceptions of “IT seems to be difficult”, “I think it’s tough for me in the humanities” or “I don’t have experience,” I can improve my skills in the IT industry. Even though there is a possibility of creating a career, people who continue to be in the current workplace and job type, work without looking for a company in the IT industry, people who work for the industry I believe that this is also a loss of opportunity. Our company, with the editorial department centered on writers who have practical experience in the IT industry, gathers information related to IT administration and provides content, so that more people can jump into the IT industry even if they are not experienced. Released “IT Office Textbook”, a career change support media specializing in changing to IT office work.
◆ IT work:
IT affairs mainly support system engineers and programmers at the development site. Compared to general office work, it is not only office work skills, but also IT-related skills, so it is easy to connect to career advancement.
In recent years, AI has evolved and IT has become increasingly automated, and there is a concern that general office work will be lost. However, IT office needs are increasing as the industry grows.
◆ Features of IT office textbooks:
1. Enriched content for first-time IT clerks
For those who do not know in detail about IT office work, in addition to basic information such as IT office work contents and income, we provide a wide range of contents such as how to wear office casual clothes, makeup techniques, love columns about internal love We are 2. Providing content that can be used as reference when writing resumes or interviewing
Introduces examples of questions and interviews when writing motivation unique to the IT industry. We also deliver content related to appearance such as clothes and makeup suitable for the interview. 3. Editorial department with practical experience in the IT industry writes articles
In fact, writers with practical experience in the IT industry have written articles to deliver more accurate and realistic information. By providing readers with more realistic information, the goal is to eliminate concerns and image gaps in the IT industry.
◆ Future development:
In the IT administration textbooks, we will strive to further expand the content to meet the needs of readers even after the official opening. Aiming to be the No. 1 media for office work.
◆ Site Overview:
・ Site name: IT office textbook
・ Site URL: https://it-job.me/
・ Main contents: Information on IT office work, such as the current status and actual conditions of IT office work, columns on interviews and motivation for job change, and job introductions for IT office work.
◆ Company Profile:
・ Company name: Pom Co., Ltd.
・ Representative: Atsaya Kawaura, Representative Director
・ Location: 7-20-13 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
・ Establishment: April 2019
・ Business description: Web media management business
・ Capital: 10 million yen
・ Company URL: https://www.pom.company/

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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