Information on art gallery use at hotel zen tokyo and bar / lounge TAIAN

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Information on art gallery use at hotel zen tokyo and bar / lounge TAIAN The hotel bar / lounge is now an art gallery. hotel zen tokyo The bar / lounge TAIAN on the first basement floor will be opened as a gallery for up-and-coming Japanese artists.

Hotel zen tokyo, which just opened in March 2019, is a next-generation Japanese modern luxury capsule hotel based on the concept of an “staying tea room”. Hotel zen tokyo, which has made various efforts to disseminate Japanese Japanese culture to the world through lodging experiences, will provide a place for artists who will be responsible for the future art scene in Japan.
Traditional art and hotel collaboration
Within each capsule of hotel zen tokyo, four different Japanese paintings are displayed depending on the room type. Finely duplicated works using the latest cloning technology are the masterpieces of four up-and-coming young artists who will lead the Japanese painting scene in the future. A luxurious breath of nature is given in a compact space, like a hanging shaft in a tea room.

[Image 1


From left to right: Kawamata Rin in room type aoi “Hakuen” / Kosuke Karasu in room type fuji “Fukakage” / Takuya Osawa in room type sakura “diamond”
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Takumi Otake “Ryoho Matsunao” in the room type ran
Bar / Lounge becomes an art gallery
This time, hotel zen tokyo has expanded the contact between visiting guests and art born in Japan to the bar / lounge TAIAN on the first basement level, not just in the guest room space. The Japanese modern space surrounded by pure white plaster has transformed into an art gallery that maximizes the artist’s personality.
The first artist to commemorate is the artist / illustrator ASUKA SAKASHITA. From August to October of this year, we are focusing on the “Life is Beautiful” series of contemporary artists who have just completed the solo exhibition “Believe In Love-MINNA AWESOME”, which was a great success in Shinjuku Maruimen. The The colorful rain attracts the bar / lounge in a different space.
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ASUKA SAKASHITA “Life is Beautiful” series
“Life is Beautiful. Life is beautiful. Every life, life, and soul is irreplaceable and beautiful, and each has a story that has passed through time. Light and scratches, love and tenderness that have been folded in layers. All of these make up “yourself” that is not the same thing as one, it’s hard to tell how beautiful and irreplaceable they are, and easily in the harsh reality of everyday life I hope you can be proud of yourself, how beautiful, noble, and wonderful the present trajectory is to be a food for walking tomorrow. expressing.” [Image 5


Painter / Illustrator / The Heima. Drummer
Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Under the theme of “Life Is Beautiful”, he has released works with a unique color sensation that is colorful and pop. Also active as an illustrator in the “MINNA AWESOME” series. The drummer of The Heima.
Creating a new place for communication with artists
The works on display in this gallery are not only decorated, but can be purchased if you like them. By adding the axis of “whether or not you want to buy” without restricting the relationship between the artist and the viewer to “see-see”, a deeper interest and interest for the artist will be created and a new relationship will be fostered. It will be a place for communication. hotel zen tokyo will continue to support artists who enrich Japanese culture. If you are an artist who wants to exhibit at this gallery, please contact hotel zen tokyo. About hotel zen tokyo
hotel zen tokyo is a completely new tearoom-type design hotel based on the concept of “teahouse where you can stay”. In the past, we set up a different space in the middle of the city in the bustle of the city, with the aim of becoming a “mountain in the city” as an ideal tea room space for tea people. Please enjoy the Zen space with the motif of the masterpiece of the tea room “Maki 妙” created by Senrikyu, known as “Chasei” in the late 16th century.
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