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  • KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. A remarkable new store is in a row! The 4th edition of “Ramen Walker2020”, Niigata, Yam agata and Chiba versions will be released on Friday, November 8 !!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. A remarkable new store is in a row! The 4th edition of “Ramen Walker2020”, Niigata, Yam agata and Chiba versions will be released on Friday, November 8 !!

A new store of attention! The 4th edition of “Ramen Walker2020”, Niigata, Yamagata and Chiba versions will be released on Friday, November 8 !!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuki Matsubara) is the fourth edition of “Ramen Walker2020” on Friday, November 8, 2019, the Niigata version, the Yamagata version, and the Chiba version. Has been released.
[Image 1


“Ramen Walker” continues to disseminate the latest information on the latest ramen nationwide! The 4th edition of the latest 2020 edition, the Niigata edition, the Yamagata edition, and the Chiba edition have been released.
We will tell you the magazines and recommended points of each area from each editorial department!
● “Ramen Walker Niigata 2020”
Niigata is a ramen kingdom with many noodle cultures. “Niigata Asari Ramen” originated in Niigata City, “Niigata Thick Miso Ramen”, eating thick miso ramen diluted with soup, “Tsubame Sanjo Back Fat Ramen” with thick noodles and plenty of back fat soup, Sanjo city In addition to “Sanjo Curry Ramen”, which has been loved for a long time, “Nagaoka Ginger Soy Sauce Ramen” with ginger, and “Niigata 5 Great Ramen” rooted in the prefecture’s local area, it is said to be the origin of pork soup ramen and Niigata Various lineups such as noodles can be seen. Spending at ramen restaurants for eating out is also the top in the country, and the people of the prefecture have a strong ramen love and desire for noodles. In recent years, it is sensitive to the trend of ramen in Tokyo, and there are many shops that introduce trendy ramen and toppings such as Tanrei, Tokuno Niboshi, and Spicy. [Image 2


Chinese buckwheat back fat (Chinese buckwheat checkered)

This year’s keyword is “evolving local noodles”. Traditional local ramen is changing, such as the “next-generation Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ramen,” which is the topic of discerning double soups, too beautiful visuals, etc., and the Tsubame Sanjo back fat ramen that shows a neo-classical transformation. Furthermore, this year’s new store has a variety of touches such as Dengeki revival of famous stores that won the Bib Gourmand in Michelin Guide Tokyo, Shio Tanrei and Gokuno Niboshi. This is a thorough introduction to the now evolving world of Niigata, a ramen kingdom that has entered a new era.
In collaboration with popular idol NGT48, NGT48 Ramen Club (Ayaka Nakamura, Nanami Otsuka, and Kaho Manoshita) reports on popular custom ramen shops! Photos and interviews filled with members’ ramen love, such as trying to make original noodles and eating meals. Signed cheki reader gifts are also available. In addition, Monjo Ichijo from Niigata, who is active as a curry and spice cooking researcher, introduces a really delicious curry ramen shop. What is the restaurant where Ichijo, who breaks 800 curry meals and 3000 retort meals per year, recommends! In addition, supervised the Joetsu area, a treasure trove of famous shops that are known to those who know the ramen bureaucrat of 100 noodles, Kazuaki Tanaka ! Also pay attention to the famous store first published in this magazine.
[Image 3


NAG48 Ramen Club Mr. Kaho Mashita (left), Ayaka Nakamura (center), Nanami Otsuka (right)
[Image 4


Torakore ramen (Bus chief ramen)

● “Ramen Walker Yamagata 2020”
Yamagata Prefecture, which has various genres such as local noodles such as Yonezawa, Sakata, Shinjo, and cold noodles that are hot in the summer, is one of the best ramen kingdoms in Japan with the highest number of ramen shops per person. .

This year ’s special feature is the “Delicious Revolution of Famous Stores”. Introducing new tastes that are famous for Yamagata’s famous brands, such as the new brand of Sakata Wonton noodles, and stores that have moved up and moved up. In addition, we will introduce the present Yamagata ramen world that has entered a new era, such as authentic miso ramen in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and stores that compete with soy sauce.

Yamagata’s two major Seoul noodles, Ramen and Soba. Introducing 9 famous restaurants that people who know Soba Ra can enjoy both! Covering the points of how the soba technology is used in ramen. Please pay attention to “Ramen Walker Yamagata 2020”!
[Image 5


Tori Chinese (hand-made watermill raw soba)
[Image 6


Chinese soba (Ken-chan ramen main store)
[Image 7


Miso Ramen (Hinata Ramen)

● “Ramen Walker Chiba 2020”
Chiba Prefecture, one of the best “ramen kingdoms” in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The area where you can meet unique ramen that you will never forget once you eat, such as Katsuura Tantanmen and Takeoka-style ramen, as well as many unique ramen. While there is a tendency to prefer ramen with a punch and punch, such as the “Naritake” back fat system and a cup with a thick soy sauce sauce, in recent years there has been a movement of “Chinese noodles” that are lightly made.

The theme of this year’s theme is “Enjoy Chiba with ramen !!”, with many new stores rooted in local love in Chiba, such as the second store by a popular store and the local ramen store that was trained outside the prefecture. We will cover all of Chiba’s ramen, which has entered a new era, and the genealogy of taste is also in a new trend!
The special feature of the new store is “20 new stores to eat in 2020”. Introducing a must-eat cup in Chiba, where there are many high-level shops. In addition, this is the Chiba style! The special feature “Eat the runaway meat noodles !!” is also featured. Please pay attention to “Ramen Walker Chiba 2020”!
[Image 8


Solar Tomato Ramen (Waii Wai Ramen 8)
[Image 9


Soy sauce ramen (Ramen Hirorin)

[Image 10


Seriously grilled pork soba (serious grilled pork)

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/7006/table/6454_1.jpg“>

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