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  • Randix Co., Ltd. Launched new “sumuzu Market Watcher” function that can obtain accurate land market price information calculated based on information on real estate sales land

Randix Co., Ltd. Launched new “sumuzu Market Watcher” function that can obtain accurate land market price information calculated based on information on real estate sales land

Randix Corporation
Launched the new “sumuzu Market Watcher” function that can obtain the correct market price information based on the information on real estate sales in circulation.
Analyze and visualize real-world market data
Randix Co., Ltd. has added a new function to “sumuzu Market Watcher” that can acquire market price information for free, and has started providing data that contributes to consideration of prices and timing when buying and selling properties.
[Image 1

Randix Co., Ltd. (head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Kazuya Okada, hereinafter referred to as Randix), which aims to make real estate information transparent by IT and further improve service value In order to provide valuable information in an easy-to-understand manner in the free service “sumuzu Market Watcher” (https://sumu-z.jp/visual-landsearch/), “And” comparison data by area “are now available.
“Market Watcher” is a service that aggregates the property data currently distributed in the market using BI tools and provides the market price data for the area desired by the user for free. By visualizing raw property information on a map or scatter chart rather than providing only market prices, it is possible to check the unit price and property price trend at a glance, which greatly contributes to the examination of the validity of the property price. The [Image 2

Previously, we provided a list of property information, property maps, and scatter charts in the desired area. At the start of this new service, the average unit price (including maximum and minimum values), the median It is possible to provide data that can be compared in terms of changes in average values, periods, and areas, and can be used as a useful material in considering the timing of buying and selling properties.
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For the land market information introduced above, enter necessary information such as desired conditions in the input form of “sumuzu Market Watcher” (https://sumu-z.jp/visual-landsearch/), and send 1-2 It will arrive in about a day (excluding regular holidays).

Randix aims to raise the industry standard so that customers can buy and sell houses with peace of mind by disclosing and providing highly transparent information on real estate, further revitalizing the industry, and providing joy and excitement through real estate I will continue.
[Outline of Randix Corporation]
Randix Co., Ltd. develops real estate sales, brokerage and consulting. In 2018, we launched our own site “ sumuzu ”, which provides information and matching services related to custom-built home construction, in order to add the power of IT to the existing real estate network and establish a top runner position as a real estate tech company It was. We provide online real estate consulting services that go beyond real estate brokerage, pursuing revitalization of the industry and excitement through real estate, with the strength of supporting customer transactions based on providing highly transparent information.
URL: https://landix.jp/
Head Office: 3-22-2 Shinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuya Okada, Representative Director
Capital: 136,498 thousand yen
《Contact for press inquiries》
Randix Co., Ltd. Sakurashinmachi Main Store
3-22-2 Shinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0014
TEL: 03-3427-7711 FAX: 03-3427-7944
Contact: Corporate Planning Office

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