Japan Marketing Research Organization, Inc. Questionnaire surveys for mothers nationwide! “Did you feel that your time for polishing has decreased during childcare?”

Japan Marketing Research Organization
Questionnaire to mothers nationwide! “Did you feel that your time for polishing has decreased during childcare?”
Japan Marketing Research Organization official website:
https://jmro.co.jp/ Medical corporation Kenyukai official website: https://ken-yu.or.jp/
Japan Marketing Research Organization (Headquarters: Tokyo,
Representative: Toyotomi Osumi) is collaborating with the medical corporation Kenyukai (location: Tokyo, President: Yasunori Kawasaki) for 300 women with children We conducted a “General Survey on Childcare and Self-Scouring” in a questionnaire format.
Women want to shine no matter how many. Fashion, care for beauty and enjoy hobbies.
However, unlike the single age where you can spend a lot of time polishing yourself, the reality is that when you have children, you have less time to use for yourself. Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of mothers who had experienced childcare regarding their time to polish themselves.
[Image 1

I felt that my polishing time had decreased during childcare, or I took a questionnaire and found that 84% of mothers felt that they had decreased.
After all, because you spend more time on your child during childcare, your time will be reduced. This is especially time consuming for pre-school children aged 0-6. Babies can’t keep an eye on them, so if you don’t have someone to watch for them, you don’t have time to polish yourself.
Even if I can make time, I don’t seem to have enough time to polish myself because of the fatigue of childcare.
[Image 2

In fact, after investigating how many people want to spend their time polishing themselves, they seem to want 80% of their mothers. So, if I had time to polish myself, I asked what I wanted to spend time on. ・ I want to go to the gym and train my body
・ I want to go to a hair salon to cut and color my hair
・ I want to do esthetics and yoga
・ I want to study qualifications
・ I want to go to the nail
Many voices were raised. Most of them wanted to spend time for beauty salons, gyms, nails, etc., or to spend time on their hobbies and personal development.
It is very busy during childcare and stress can easily accumulate. I would like to be a beautiful and lively woman forever by making my own polishing time if possible.
● Survey Overview
Survey theme: General survey on childcare and personal polishing Survey area: Nationwide
Survey target: 300 women in their 20s to 50s
Survey period: November 1, 2019-November 12, 2019
Survey method: Internet questionnaire
● Company Overview
[Name] Japan Marketing Research Organization
[Location] 15-1 Konan 2-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo
[TEL] 03-6717-2895
[President and CEO] Toyosumi Osumi
[Business description] Marketing research business
[URL] https://jmro.co.jp/
[Name] Medical corporation Kenyukai
[Location] JPR Ginza Namiki-dori Building, 4th Floor, 5-5-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
[TEL] 03-6884-0540 (Regina Clinic Ginza Honin)
[Chairman] Yasunori Kawasaki
[Business description] Regina clinic operation (https://reginaclinic.jp/) [URL] https://ken-yu.or.jp/

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