Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd. Skyland Ventures, Venture Partner, CSO and Mr. Kogo Tsuji participated to start support for investment in China

Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd.
Skyland Ventures, Venture Partner / CSO and Mr. Kogo Tsuji
participated to start support for investment in China

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Skyland Ventures (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Partner / CEO: Yoshihiko Kinoshita, hereinafter referred to as SV) will be supported as a venture partner by Mr. Kanako Tomako, and will begin supporting the expansion of China to the investees.
Mr. Tomoko Kon, who became an SV venture partner and CSO, served as the Shanghai branch president of Asia Grubbe (currently an investment company equivalent to Mistletoe), an investment company led by Mr. Taizo Son. Experience in listing and M & A. After returning to Japan in 2012, through an MS Capital company that participated as a joint partner, early stage investments in Paidy, RECLO, Koh Kong, etc. with a market capitalization of more than 10 billion yen expected to be NEXT Unicorn as a private company Support for business development in China. Joined Skyland Ventures as a venture partner and CSO in May 2019. The company intends to continue to create deals that will bridge Japanese and Chinese startups, such as collecting funding from 750 million yen Chinese investors who invest in SV.
○ About China expansion support
・ Matched companies listed in China ・ VC
・ Networking with Chinese key persons, research on Chinese trends ・ Coordinating Skyland Dojo to know the latest startup trends in China planned in Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.
I will carry out such as.
◯ 袁 About Koko’s profile
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Yuan Xiao Hang
Skyland Ventures Venture Partner / CSO
Born in Shanghai. In 1993, studying at a Japanese university or graduate school, studying the macroeconomics of China and the management of small and medium enterprises in Japan. After joining eFrontier in 2002, he established a Shanghai subsidiary and assumed the position of president, promoting software sales to content companies in China. In 2004, he became the president of Shanghai corporation of Mr. Taizo Son, an investment company of Asia Ngrub (now Mistletoe), engaged in investment business for Chinese startups and is the first generation of venture investment in China. Established his own investment company in May 2014 and ventured into Japanese startups and served as a financial adviser for VC in China. Joined as Skyland Ventures Venture Partner / CSO since April 2019. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University (1998), completed the doctoral program at Nagoya University (2002)
-Specialties: Global finance business development including China ○ About Skyland Ventures
Skyland Ventures (SV) is a venture capital (VC) fund that mainly invests in seed startup for U25. With the mission of “The Seed Maker.”, We are investing in VC to provide seed money for startups that have a major impact on the technology industry. So far, it has invested in about 100 companies mainly in Japan and has managed a total of 2.5 billion yen. SV aims to be the world’s best seed VC. The Skyland Group’s slogan is to create entrepreneurs by starting up 100 companies in two years, and to create managers with annual sales of 10 billion yen and 1,000 employees.
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