Tokyo Tech VC “Mirai Creation Organization” opens a new office with good quality weak ties co-working space “MIRAI KOUBOU”

Mirai Creation Organization
Tokyo Tech-related VC “Mirai Creation Organization” opens a new office with high-quality weak ties co-working space “MIRAI KOUBOU”
Established co-working space “MIRAI KOUBOU” where investees, large companies, and affiliated companies with business support functions are located in the shared work place “co-ba ebisu” operated by Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yuyuki Okada, “Mirai Creation Organization”) relocated the head office to co-ba ebisu operated by Tsukuruba Co., Ltd., the investee, January 6, 2020 We will start work at the new office.
In addition, we will open our co-working space “MIRAI KOUBOU” in co-ba ebisu, aiming to form good quality weak ties at the same time as the office relocation.
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New address
1st 33rd Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JP Noie Ebisu West 1F access
3 minutes on foot from East Exit of Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line “Ebisu Station” West Exit 7 minutes on foot
■ Opening “MIRAI KOUBOU”, a place to form high-quality weak ties * The Mirai Creation Organization has so far been close to the business, technology, and people of investees and large companies, and has aimed to create and develop innovations. This time, “MIRAI KOUBOU” has been opened in order to increase the sharing experience with various people in the real world and further accelerate this effort.
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“MIRAI KOUBOU” includes a large company closely related to our company, our technical tie-up with Career Education Research Institute Co., Ltd., a new affiliate marketing company, Mirai Relations Co., Ltd., accounting firm, investee, and Tokyo Kogyo. Student
entrepreneurs, mainly universities (hereinafter referred to as “Tokyo Tech”), will be moving in.
In the future, while increasing the diversity of tenants, we will form a loosely valuable network with tenants of “MIRAI KOUBOU” and co-ba ebisu tenants, etc. We will accelerate the creation of new encounters and the creation of fun miracle.
If you are interested in moving into “MIRAI KOUBOU”, please feel free to contact us.
* Strength of weak ties
A hypothesis presented by an American sociologist Mark S. Granovetter in a paper called “strength of weak ties”. In the transmission of valuable information and innovation, weak networks (weak ties) like acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances are more important than strong networks (strong ties) like family, best friends, and colleagues in the same workplace. Social network theory that there is. [About the Mirai Creation Organization]
In May 2016, we concluded an organizational cooperation agreement with Tokyo Tech to promote social collaboration activities, and promoted joint research and academic guidance, support for human resource education, support for venture development, etc. In September of the same year, the Tokyo Tech Venture Capital Fund of 3.34 billion yen was established to develop and develop ventures centered on Tokyo Tech’s technology and ventures established by Tokyo Tech students and graduates. Invested in 19 companies to date. In July 2019, the investor Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (owned by Tokyo Tech’s venture name) was newly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
[About co-ba]
A shared workplace based on the concept of “supporting all kinds of challenges” throughout the country. Members range from entrepreneurs, startups, designers, engineers, editors, architects, and local non-profit organizations. Aiming for a place where members can share ideas and skills and create new collaborations. In particular, co-ba ebisu has been newly opened as a workplace for realizing new ways of working that go beyond the boundaries of affiliation, occupation, and employment type.
■ Mirai Creation Organization
TEL: 03-6311-6958 * No change to phone number.

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