Shiseido Co., Ltd. Shiseido opens a beauty experience and communication hub at the commercial facility in front of Harajuku Station

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Shiseido opens a base for experiencing and transmitting beauty at commercial facilities in front of Harajuku Station

Shiseido is located in the commercial facility “WITH HARAJUKU” under development in front of Harajuku Station by NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd. (Subfa) ”and“ SHISEIDO PARLOR THE HARAJUKU ”, a restaurant and lounge operated by Shiseido Parlor, will open in April 2020. In Harajuku, where high-sensitivity groups for cosmetics and fashion gather from both inside and outside Japan, we will deliver new value as a base for experiencing and transmitting beauty.
* SABFA: A school run by Shiseido to train professional hair and makeup artists «The concept of” Beauty Square “on the 1st floor is” Beauty discovery / play / share-experience / dissemination spot “. In addition to selling cosmetics, we will set up a hair and makeup salon that offers digital beauty experiences and short, high-quality services. By combining real experience and digital, it will be developed as a spot for discovering and experiencing the joy of beauty and new personal appeal, especially for young people in Japan and overseas.
The 2nd floor “SABFA” will be equipped with the latest lecture and training facilities and a photo studio.
The 8th floor Shiseido Parlor offers French-based course dishes and carefully selected wine from the sommelier overlooking the Meiji Jingu Shrine. The interior is designed by Kazuya Ura who worked on “TWILIGHT EXPRESS Ruifu”.

■ 1F: Facility name: Beauty Square
Beauty facility Commercial area: Approximately 240 tsubo
■ 2F: Facility name: SABFA
Hair Makeup Academy & Studio Commercial area: about 120 tsubo
■ 8F: Facility name: SHISEIDO PARLOR THE HARAJUKU (Shiseido Parlor The Harajuku) Restaurant & Lounge Commercial area: Approximately 106 tsubo ◇ Commercial facility “WITH HARAJUKU”
・ Opening schedule: April 2020
・ Location: 1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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