Party time at wonderland of 360 degrees # shine spot fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land” Christmas information

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[Party time at wonderland of 360 degrees # shine spot] fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land” Christmas information
~ Delicious & luxurious! The “space” is also a point for the Christmas of Rewa! ~

December at the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land” (Osaka, Umeda) operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Taiichi Sawada), a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings, Inc. A special Christmas course will be available for lunch and dinner from 21st (Sat) to 25th December (Wed).
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A door to a wonderland that gently opened in Umeda, where many people come and go. That is the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land”. The unique literature that sublimes the world of “Alice in
Wonderland”, a literature that represents England, and has been loved in Japan since ancient times, from a two-dimensional world of stories to a three-dimensional world of restaurants. Space.
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Ryowa’s first Christmas season. The chefs in this country put their arms together and made a full course.
A gorgeous and delicious meal and a surprising space where every effort is made. If you have both, a new age Christmas party! Spend a dream at the “small theme park” fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land”.
Lunch Course Menu
A fun party time is not always a holy “night”. We can’t go out late at night … We have prepared a special lunch plan that is recommended for such families.
From appetizers to pasta and main meat dishes, a full course that can be eaten with great popularity has been held on Sundays and public holidays since last year, and you can also enjoy the popular dessert buffet. Don’t miss the luxury lunch that is too expensive for 4 days! Christmas lunch course 3,500 yen (excluding tax)
≪Provision Period≫December 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun), 24 (Tue), 25 (Wed) [Image 3

[Image 4

[Charm] Mysterious small bottle Alice drank
[Appetizer]-Iberian pork terrine
・ Consomme of Koiso and Polo Miso
[Salad] Christmas wreath salad
[Soup] Corn cream potage soup
[Pasta] shrimp tomato cream pasta
[Main] Young chicken thigh baked balsamic scent
[Desert] Alice’s special dessert buffet
Dinner Course Menu
A special course full of specialties to suit the gorgeousness of the city’s glittering illuminations-dinner time. Residents of the fantasy country will create a special time for guests.
Christmas dinner course 6,500 yen (excluding tax) << offer period [Charm] Mysterious small bottle Alice drank
[AMUSE] Cold franc of urchin
[Appetizer] ・ Scallop cold confit with truffle salt ・ Iberico pork terrine [Soup] Creamy potage of mushrooms
[Pasta] Tomato cream pasta with lobster
[Fish dish] Vineyard with sardines and clams
[Meat dish] Roast beef with Ou beef shoulder loin Perigueux sauce [Desert] Alice’s Snowdome
[Image 5d7303-1000-429483-3.jpg
3 appetizers
The prelude to the full course is a plate with a good balance of meat, seafood and vegetables. “Iberico pork terrine” tailored with popular branded pork backed by history, “Scalloped cold confit” where the fascinating aroma of truffles tickle your nose, And the three types of “Polo-boiled consomme” will undoubtedly raise expectations for each dish that follows.
[Image 6d7303-1000-202269-4.jpg
Tomato cream pasta with lobster
A luxurious pasta that uses lobster, which seems to be the main part of the banquet if it is grilled. The rich flavor of shrimp melts in the sauce, and the sourness of the remaining tomato is exquisitely marinated. Please enjoy the taste of the Trinity with the large shrimp, sauce and pasta.
[Image 7d7303-1000-126319-5.jpg
Red snapper and clam vapour with grivish sauce kadaif
Among the many blessings of the sea, by steaming grilled sea bream and clams that float the style of the champion together, the taste was confined in a fluffy juicy manner. Eggs and mustard in Grivish sauce add to the taste accents, and crispy and fragrant kadaifu create a textured accent.
[Image 8d7303-1000-179761-6.jpg
Ou beef shoulder roast roast beef-Perigueux sauce-
The brand-named cow “Ouyu Beef” is carefully fattened in the Tohoku region, including Iwate Prefecture. In particular, the meat was carefully succulent and simmered in the perfect shoulder roast, and finished with the finest roast beef. Perigueux sauce with fragrant truffles enhances the taste of meat.
[Image 9d7303-1000-433184-7.jpg
Alice Snowdome
A gingerbread man who smiles in the “dome”, and a reindeer that seems to start running on the lid and a snowman with a funny face are displayed along with colorful cut fruits. The fruit is also filled with white sugar snow. It is a dessert that is so cute that it makes you waste eating it.
[Image 10d7303-1000-848605-8.jpg

Shop Information
Was it a dream or a reality? Alice’s lost “wonderland”
A fantasy restaurant based on the English literature “Alice in Wonderland” An “unusual space” located right next to JR Osaka Station, the largest terminal station in western Japan
That is the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land”.
When you step through the trump soldiers standing at the entrance and step in, you will see a space where a big pocket watch emerges on the ceiling!
[Image 11d7303-1000-237561-9.jpg
[Image 12d7303-1000-555348-10.jpg
Centering on this main floor, sofa seats surrounded by large large playing cards and table seats imitating the garden of the Queen of Hearts, the more you progress, the more you encounter the unique space like a theme park and you will be attracted. The
The charm of this country is that it will be unsatisfactory just by visiting once. Make reservations for revisited as soon as possible. d7303-1000-569245-11.jpg

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