The crypto asset (virtual currency) industry in 2019 where GMO coins of virtual currency transactions look back

GMO Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
The crypto asset (virtual currency) industry in 2019 where GMO coins of virtual currency transactions look back
-A year when the use of crypto assets (virtual currency) has expanded and speculation has been used as a settlement-

GMO Coin Co., Ltd. (President: Toshitaka Ishimura, hereinafter referred to as GMO Coin), a virtual currency exchange business that is a consolidated company of GMO Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. of GMO Internet Group, Looking back on industry topics and Bitcoin charts, I would like to talk about future prospects and our initiatives for 2020.
■ The virtual currency industry in 2019 has been used as a settlement from speculation
】 In 2019, the virtual currency industry has received many positive news, such as the start of new services at many companies and the temporary breakthrough of 1 BTC = 1.5 million yen. Cryptocurrency assets (virtual currencies) are being used as a settlement from speculation, such as the spread of regional currencies and the purchase of “bit coins” at points.
As a member of the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association, we will maintain a healthy trading environment and strengthen and enhance the protection system of our customers through the activities of this association, so that customers can trade virtual currencies with greater peace of mind. It has been arranged.
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■ Bitcoin prices have risen significantly since April 2019
】 The bitcoin price trend in 2019 has risen significantly since April, and temporarily exceeded 1 BTC = 1.5 million yen in June. After peaking at the end of June, it was on a gradual downward trend, but in October it recovered to 1 BTC = 1 million yen.
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■ The number of GMO coin accounts is steady, and the monthly trading value peaks in June
The number of GMO Coin accounts has been steady, surpassing 290,000 as of the end of November. Approximately 60,000 new accounts were opened in 2019.
The virtual currency monthly trading value is proportional to the price increase of Bitcoin, and the number has increased dramatically from April to June, and in the month of June there was a transaction of “1,793.5 billion yen”.
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■ Increase in virtual currency transactions among women and younger age groups 】 When comparing GMO coin users who opened new accounts in 2019 with GMO coin user attributes opened by 2018, the ratio of female users increased from 16.3% to 24.1%. In addition, the ratio of opening new accounts in the 20s for both male and female users has increased. It can be seen that the use of women and younger age groups is expanding. [Image 5

[Image 6

■ Summary
】 2019 was a relatively calm year with few fluctuations in prices like before 2018. The virtual currency exchange industry has continued to expand steadily, such as new companies being registered as virtual currency exchange operators, and the number of female account openers has increased compared to the previous fiscal year, I think that the base of virtual currency is definitely expanding, with new layers interested in virtual currency.
It was also a year when we reaffirmed that it is necessary to create various use cases of virtual currency, led by virtual currency exchange companies like us, in order to further penetrate the world of virtual currency.
Our company started handling Nemu and Stella on December 4, 2019. We will also contribute to the further development of the virtual currency industry through the “FC Ryukyu Coin” development project with Ryukyu Football Club Co., Ltd. announced on August 15, 2019. GMO Co., Ltd. President
Tomitaka Ishimura
Our company distributes information on market prices, such as prices, charts, and rates of rise and fall in real time for all brands handled. In addition, news related to each brand is posted, so you can collect information more efficiently. Please take a look.
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・ Bitcoin (BTC) ・ Etherium (ETH) ・ Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -Litecoin (LTC) ・ Ripple (XRP) ・ NEM (XEM) ・ Stellarumen (XLM) [GMO Coin Corporation] (URL:
Company name: GMO Coin Co., Ltd.
Location: Shibuya Infos Tower, 20-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Tomitaka Ishimura, President
Business description Provision of virtual currency exchange and transaction services
Capital ¥ 1,758 million (including reserve)
Registration number: Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 0006 (virtual currency exchange business)

GMO Coin Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016 as a division that provides investment opportunities in the GMO Internet (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) group. In September 2017, GMO Coin became a virtual currency exchange business of the Financial Services Agency. Registered. Utilizing the knowledge and rich financial experience in IT-related business and financial business cultivated by GMO Internet Group, we provide an environment where you can trade virtual currency under a robust security and management system. GMO Coin will contribute to the development of the virtual currency exchange industry while aiming to become the No. 1 virtual currency exchange trader.

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