Enbowl Co., Ltd. Released a book community app “Booket” to search for books you want to read! | Enbowl C orporation

Enbowl Inc.
Released a book community app “Booket” to search for books to read! | Enbowl Inc.

Enbowl Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shintaro Sugawara) has officially released the iOS version of the book community app “Booket” to search for books on December 11, 2019. I will let you know.
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“Booket” is a community app to expand your encounter with books based on the concept of “I understand the book that person is reading!”. You can post reviews of books you read as if you were posting to Twitter or Instagram.
Link to Apple Store is here ↓

Features of Booket
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1. Search function that people can find
In Booket, you can see the job type and area of ​​expertise of the user who submitted the book review.
You can search for books that people recommend according to their tasks. 2. Feed function
It is a feed that reviews books like Twitter.
On this screen, you can follow the following information:
・ Reviews by acquaintances and interested users
・ New arrival reviews for each category (to be implemented)
・ Popular reviews
3. Bookshelf function
You can create your own bookshelf by dividing the books you have read or worried about by category or genre.
You can make it for your own notes, or you can make it when you put together a book that you want to recommend to other users.
Make your own bookshelf.

Issues that Booket wants to solve
Currently, more than 80,000 books are published annually in Japan, and as a result, users continue to increase the number of choices when searching for books on the theme they want to know, “ I do not know which book to read. It ’s easier to have issues like “
Even if you look at a major EC site, you can find thousands of search results in one genre, and the number of reviews and reviews are also inconsistent and you can’t see if they are in line with your own feelings. Also, as information is distributed like blogs and web articles, it takes a lot of work to find reliable information. As a result, users had to search for real reviews on social media such as Twitter and Instagram to solve the above problems. However, these SNSs are not specialized for books, so there is a lot of wasted work. Therefore, we have developed a [Booket] that allows people to find a book recommended by people who are in line with their issues by knowing the background of the person who reviewed the job, such as the job category and specialized field.
Booket will provide you with encounters with accidental books that can only be made through people who do not come out of the recommendation function of EC sites.
App URL: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/booket/id1478230578

the next deployment
“Booket” accelerates the sharing of knowledge by selecting books and viewing real reviews, and pushes the user back to enrich their lives. Sequentially release Android / Web versions and implement new functions one after another. In order to further improve the convenience of readers and writers in the future, more information collection and reading management of books such as sort function by genre and more We plan to expand the functions that can be
conveniently used.

Service overview
Service name: “Booket”
Service start date: December 2019
App usage fee: Free
Supported devices: iPhone
URL: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/booket/id1478230578
Twitter: https://twitter.com/booket_jp

Company Profile
■ Name: Enbowl Inc.
■ Representative Director: Shintaro Sugawara
■ Company page: https://enbowl.net/
■ Establishment date: August 19, 2016
■ Main business:
・ Operate a word-of-mouth SNS “Booket” to learn books
・ Development and operation of blockchain services
・ Operation of matching service for blockchain projects

Inquiries about this matter
Enbowl Inc.
Responsible: Representative Director Sugawara

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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