Craft Master Japan Co., Ltd. The hottest Grand Maison Flat-rate / Membership “Classic” French cuisine ov erturning the concept of luxury is born in the prime location of Minami Aoyama

Craft Master Japan Co., Ltd.
The hottest Grand Maison [Flat-rate / Membership] “Classic” French cuisine that overturns the concept of luxury is born in the prime location of Minami Aoyama
A flat-rate system for the ultimate full course, created by Bib Gourman-winning chefs and the world’s best metric dotel

1.Enjoy a flat-rate French & Wine per month 15,000 yen / person (tax excluded) in a land that produces Michelin stars one after another 2. A superb full course created by the Bib Gourmand chef and the world’s best metric dotel
3. Begin recruitment of advance members only at Makuake
Craft Master Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will open a French restaurant with a monthly membership system in a prime location in Minami Aoyama that has won numerous Michelin stars on 02/01/2020.
The name of the shop is “La cle”.
[Image 1d52184-1-302208-0.jpg
The concept is “Family French”
This year’s buzzword nominated “subscription” was adopted to eliminate the most unfamiliar “accounting” problem in French cuisine.
[Image 2d52184-1-598149-5.jpg
Executive chefs include 31-year-old Chef Amano, who has received the “Bib Guru Man” award, and Kei Miyazaki, the winner of the World Service Competition, to provide high-quality services as trainers. [Image 3d52184-1-238562-1.jpg
There is only one course of the chef’s specialty course, and it can be used not only for seasonal ingredients but also for various occasions such as anniversaries, dinners, and dates.
It’s a French restaurant that doesn’t make you feel the cheapness of a subscription image.
Monthly membership fee is ¥ 15,000 per person (excluding tax) The monthly membership fee includes all meals and drinks.
In addition to various plans depending on the number of users, there are additional benefits only for Makuake and it is very fulfilling. ↓ Click here for pre-member registration ↓
[Image 4d52184-1-934815-2.jpg
Course meal (partial excerpt)
[Image 5d52184-1-144315-3.jpg
Spicy lobster
A luxurious dish using European Omar landed on the coast of the Eurasian continent. The bisque sauce taken from the shell is rich and fragrant.
[Image 6d52184-1-822224-4.jpg
Kobe beef leg roast
Kobe beef is the highest quality among Japanese brand cattle. The fine “sashi” is delicate enough to dissolve in human skin, and its oil is a mass of umami. Garnished with chicken bouillon and steamed Andy, large porcini and black truffles.
The sauce is also finished in a classic dish using a sauce perigu with plenty of truffles.
All drinks are free flow
You can freely choose between sommelier-trusted pairing or your preferred pairing.
One of the big points is that a sommelier who has been engaged in wine importer for many years also proposes wine for each dish.
[Image 7d52184-1-626354-6.jpg

Details below
A young chef who has spent the last days at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel restaurant and got the title of Bib Gourmand will provide the classic French cuisine.
This flat-rate French restaurant was born out of a desire to turn the concept of luxury into something that is more accessible to many people.
The name of the shop is “La cle”.
[Image 8d52184-1-993015-7.png
Speaking of French, do you have an image that is too expensive? There are also a variety of French course meals with varying amounts. If you have no knowledge of wine before cooking, you may be very anxious and think that it is difficult to go.
Also, because there is an “option to choose”, it is difficult to understand what is correct.
For example, suppose you have a ¥ 15,000 course and a ¥ 30,000 course. “I asked for a cheap course, but what kind of course do you ask for?” “I can’t order high wine, but what do you think she and Sommelier think? But you are not alone. The owner was one of them at first.
“La cle” offers only one “Chef’s Special” course, so please remove the notion of high quality and enjoy your meal.
All wine and drinks are “free flow”, so we promise you that you can enjoy your meal without hesitation.
There is no need to compare with other people, and it was designed so that you can fully enjoy the cuisine and space.
The second problem is “accounting concerns”.
The plan offered by La cle is
“¥ 15,000 per person-tax excluded (including course and drinks)” If you care about accounting at the time of an enjoyable meal, the “best restaurant experience” can’t come true.
If your bill is clear, don’t worry. Please enjoy your meal, space, and time with your friends, girlfriends and colleagues.
Finally, how to eat. I think there are many people who care about this too. “Where should I eat this dish?” “Is it a fork? A spoon?”
There will be various questions.
At Lacle, the metric dotel “Miyazaki Hayao”, the winner of the World Service Competition, will participate as a service trainer.
French cuisine is a delicate genre that changes the way you taste the taste depending on how you offer and how you offer it.
La cle has services to make customers feel the best time, such as cooking for customers, recommendations on how to eat, food
explanations and conversations.
Also, seminars such as “How to Enjoy More Restaurants”, which Miyazaki directly reports, will be held irregularly, and we will try to teach you how to behave in restaurants that customers can not usually know in a battle format. We are.
Based on Miyazaki’s advice that can be understood only after experiencing many restaurants, young staff are trained to satisfy customers.
↓ Click here for member registration ↓
Store details
Store name: La cle
Address: 4-9-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo AOYAMA TMI 1F Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Gaienmae (Exit 1b) 5 min walk (380m) Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Omotesando (entrance A5) 9 minutes on foot (670m) Business hours: 17: 30-23: 00 (two-part system)
Regular holiday: Tuesday

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