|2019| After the start of free childcare, what is the actual situation of daycare?

Child corporation kids color
<2019-Questionnaire survey on childcare personnel (valid responses: 525) * Implementation of HoiClue-

HoiClue [Hoikuru], an information site for “play” and “learning” that expands childcare and childcare, run by a child corporation Kids Color (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director / Minami Amemiya) About 80% of nursery teachers use (https://hoiclue.jp) is a collaboration project with Shogakukan “New Infant and Childcare” in November 2019. Survey was conducted.
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Are the facilities and businesses you work for eligible for free childcare? [Image 2

Has your childcare free of charge started and have there been any changes in your daily childcare work?
According to the results of this survey, although there were a large number of respondents who answered “no change” or “I don’t know” about the day-to-day childcare services associated with free childcare, A lot of real voices and real intentions were received from everyone on site. * Survey period: November 5, 2019 to November 11, 2019
■ Voice of childcare site

・ Things related to money, side meals and other usage fees are different and complicated. I didn’t understand well. (Private certified child institution / nursery (full-time / regular staff)) ・ Calculation of school lunch costs. Complaints, complaining that it’s free but not free. We did n’t decide
Noni… (Publicly licensed nursery school / Publicly licensed nursery school) ・ The number of childcare services increases, the number of childcare staff is insufficient, and preparations for childcare on the following day are not sufficient. (Public authorization child institution / Nursery (full-time / regular staff)
-Up to now, parents have been keeping their children even when work is absent, but since it became free, protection
Those who are now no longer say “Because they are paying childcare fees”, and now they can cooperate in their holidays.
(Private licensed nursery school / nurse (full-time / regular staff)) ・ Children will go to the garden, which will be completely free of charge, and will be closed in March. (Non-authorized childcare facility / chief)

・ I think it’s good as a measure to reduce the birthrate, but the number of parents who want to leave their children increases On the other hand, I thought that the problem of waiting children was likely to accelerate. I want to work as a childcare worker to secure a childcare worker.
I think that we should raise the country, such as making a salary commensurate with our responsibility. (Private licensed nursery / childcare
(Full-time / regular staff))
・ I think it is easier for parents to take care of their children, but it is difficult to secure a childcare provider simply by making it free.
The current situation has not changed. For now, there has been no major change in the environment,
By seeing a large number of children, it becomes difficult to respond carefully to each child,
I’m worried that it might cause a decline in quality. (Private certified child institution / nursery (full-time / regular staff)) ・ I feel like the staple food cost and side food cost issue was the most picked up in the exchange with the government just before October.
The The most important thing to do is to provide equal and high quality early childhood education for all children
Kana. (Private licensed nursery school / facility director / director)
■ Respondent attributes
[Image 3

Please tell us the closest thing from your point of view.
■ About the background and details of the survey
In 2019, childcare free was a major change. Although various information is flying through the news, the voices of childcare sites were not taken up much. Therefore, although it was a questionnaire conducted one month after the start of the gratification, the answers did not keep up with the provision of childcare and the adjustment of the workload due to the gratuitous childcare, and as a result, the wrinkles came to the garden and nursery school I was able to ask you to be there. Details of the answers are listed on the HoiClue site. [Are there any changes in childcare settings through free childcare? : Https://hoiclue.jp/800010671.html]
In addition, in the February / March 2020 issue of “New Infant and Childcare” issued by Shogakukan around December 27, 2019, an article that explains the answer will be posted (https://www.babycome.ne .jp / infant / hoiku /).

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