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  • Blackstone Group Japan Co., Ltd. Notice regarding the status of discussions with Unizo Holdings Co., Ltd. (securities code: 3258) by Blackstone

Blackstone Group Japan Co., Ltd. Notice regarding the status of discussions with Unizo Holdings Co., Ltd. (securities code: 3258) by Blackstone

Blackstone Group Japan Co., Ltd.
Notice regarding the status of discussions with Unizo Holdings Co., Ltd. (securities code: 3258) by Blackstone
Blackstone Announces Update on Discussions with UNIZO Holdings (Securities Code: 3258)

(i) In Urchin Holdings I Pte. Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Blackstone”), an affiliate of a fund operated and advised by Blackstone Real Estate, Unizo Holdings Co., Ltd. (securities code: 3258, Inc.) Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “Target”), the Target Company agrees to all issued common shares and certain additional matters between Blackstone and the Target Company As of October 15, 2019, the company will announce its intention to acquire an agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Tender Offer”) on the condition that the agreement will be concluded by October 23, 2019. A press entitled “Notice Concerning Intent to Start Tender Offer for ¥ 5,000 per Share for Shares of Unizo Holdings Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 3258) by Blackstone” Release (below
“Our press release dated October 15, 2019”. ), And Blackstone’s subsequent press release to extend the deadline stipulated in the Company’s press release dated October 15, 2019, and (ii) “Blackstone is UNIZO Holdings Corporation ( Announcement of “Consultation of Securities Code: 3258) for the Tender Offer and Notice of Entering Review Period after Conclusion of Agreement” and Blackstone Addresses Targets’ Concerns regarding the Tender Offer And sincerely and proactively working with the Target Company to negotiate and finalize the agreement, and by December 13, 2019, the status of the Target “ Unizo Holdings by Blackstone, dated 6 December 2019 Formula company (stock code:
3258) regarding the subsequent press release including the press release titled “Notice Concerning the Status of Discussions with the Company” (hereinafter referred to as “the Company’s press release dated December 6, 2019”).
As announced in the Company’s December 6, 2019 press release, Blackstone will negotiate and finalize an agreement to address the concerns that the Targets have most recently asserted regarding the Tender Offer. We have sincerely and continuously engaged in
discussions with the Target Company. In addition, Blackstone has recently received a certain written response from the Target Company regarding the latest terms and conditions presented by Blackstone, and the Target We are looking for consultation with the management team and the board of directors. Blackstone will disclose, as soon as possible and at the latest on December 23, 2019, as soon as possible and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations if there is a material change in the situation regarding the Target Company. In any case, Blackstone will continue to consider all options and reserve all rights relating to the Target. Please note that the Tender Offer and other transactions related to the Target Company
I will add that it has not been decided at all whether the pulling will be finally started or not.
About Blackstone Real Estate Group
Blackstone is a global leader in real estate investment. Blackstone’s real estate business was established in 1991 and manages $ 154 billion of investor funds. Blackstone is the world
One of the largest real estate asset holding companies, it owns and manages real estate assets across the world and in all sectors, including logistics facilities, rental housing, single-family homes, hotels and commercial real estate. Our opportunistic funds are always looking for opportunities to acquire well-located real estate that can be expected to improve real estate operations. Blackstone’s Core + strategy is based on Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, an unlisted REIT that invests in regional open-ended funds focused on quality assets and profitable real estate in the United States. Through Inc. (BREIT), we invest globally in real estate with sufficiently stable earnings. Blackstone also operates one of the world’s leading real estate finance businesses, including Blackstone Mortgage Trust NYSE Securities Code: BXMT)
We provide comprehensive finance solutions ranging from capital structure to various risks.

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