Start flat-rate lunch service in Omiya and Saiin areas of Kyoto city!

Ijigen Corporation
Start flat-rate lunch service in Omiya and Saiin areas of Kyoto city! ………………………………………………………………………
Ijigen Co., Ltd. (Head office: Oita City, Oita Prefecture; CEO: Hideaki Tsuruoka; hereinafter “the Company”), which develops and operates the “always”, the largest subscription platform in Japan Will launch “always LUNCH”, an all-day lunch at affiliated stores on a monthly fixed-rate system, in the Omiya area in Nakagyo-ku and the Saiin area in Ukyo-ku in Kyoto City from January 20th.
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“Always LUNCH”:
This service is a flat-rate service that allows you to eat lunch every day at partner stores for 5,980 yen (excluding tax) per month. The purpose is to be able to spend a richer life by using the daily lunch fee without worrying about it and being able to spend money on other hobbies and preferences.
1. Save on lunch
The average lunch price for business people is 568 yen (2019 Shinsei Bank research).
If you repeat this for 20 days, you will spend about 11,400 yen, but if you use this service you can save about 5,000 yen.
2. You can choose the store you want to go from among partner stores There are dozens of affiliated stores in each area, where you can enjoy lunch of various genres (set meal, Italian, hamburger, noodles, Chinese etc.).
3. No payment required
Because you have to pay by credit card in advance on the Internet, you do not need to pay at stores. At the store, just show the usage screen on your smartphone.
Through the above, I hope that you will be able to find your favorite store by visiting a store you did not know before, become a regular customer there, and experience the change in your lifestyle. Detail page:
About details of partner stores
In the Omiya / Saiin area of ​​Kyoto City, the number of stores at the start will be 13 stores.
In addition, we will continue to increase the number of affiliated stores, so we hope you can wait for the release.
[Kyoto Omiya / Saiin area store list and part of store photos] 1. Menya Kurofune
[Image 2

2. Yakiniku Restaurant Romantic Pop
[Image 3

3. Turtle coffee
[Image 4

4. Creative Thai cuisine Pad Thai
6. Tourbillon coffee specialty store
7. The Rockin Hearts
8. Brother bakery
9. Cafe Chang Cafe Chang
10. Hokka Hokka Tei Saiin
11.Dining Mikoto
12. Sesame shop
13. Cafe FRONT
Combining the existing Karasuma Station area in Nakagyo-ku and the Shijo area in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto has more than 50 affiliated stores. Kyoto “always LUNCH” store details: [About “always DRINK”]
Similar to “always LUNCH”, “always DRINK” is available for drinks every day for 3,480 yen (excluding tax) per month.
“Always DRINK”:
Drinks will start at 10 stores that overlap with lunch, and at a total of 12 stores, including izakaya MATSUKAME and rice mill café Fujiwara rice mill.
Some stores offer soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol depending on the type of business.
Kyoto “always DRINK” store details: [Future efforts]
In February, it will be deployed in the Shinjuku area of ​​Tokyo and the Umeda area of ​​Osaka city.
We hope that you will be able to wait for further information at any time for details such as start dates and stores.

Background of “always LUNCH”
◆ Background of our efforts
Through the businesses we have been conducting, we have had the opportunity to interact with individual managers and small and medium-sized companies, and we have heard that they want to earn stable earnings. And one of the solutions is that you can expect fixed sales with your subscription.
However, knowing the know-how and starting a subscription service on the Internet cost millions to tens of millions of yen, and many private business owners and small and medium-sized businesses are entering. Is said to be difficult.
In order to solve such issues, we have created an “always” platform that allows IT and the small business to sell their subscription services easily using IT (Internet).
The proportion of restaurants in the platform genre is large, and there is a demand for subscription in the restaurant industry, and since October 2019, we have launched a private brand specializing in lunch.
◆ What we are aiming for
Currently specializing in the food and beverage field, in the future we will subscribe to services in various fields such as beauty, clothing and insurance.
Ultimately, if you pay 100,000 yen a month to always, we aim to build an all-inclusive society that guarantees that person’s life. About us
IZIGEN develops and operates the largest subscription platform in Japan (always (, which can sell and purchase fixed-price services at various stores.
In October 2019, we launched “always LUNCH”, a daily flat-rate lunch service, and “always DRINK”, a daily drink service, in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka and Nakagyo-ku, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. The service has been expanded to Hakata-ku and Fukuoka-shi and Chuo-ku in Osaka since November, and to Shibuya-ku in Tokyo from December. Currently, the number of member stores in the four areas exceeds 180 for lunch and 110 for drinks. (As of January 2019)
We plan to expand the usable area to about 20 areas by June 2020. Company name: Ijigen Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-1-10 Kanaikecho, Oita City, Oita Prefecture Walker Building Oita Station 3F
Established: November 2013
Capital: 444,516,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Representative: Hideaki Tsuruoka, CEO
Business description: Development and operation of “always”
subscription platform

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